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A modified version of Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam is estimated to be 30 to 60 times more potent than its originator, making it one of the most powerful smart drugs on the market. Due to its myriad of benefits and unmatched effects, Phenylpiracetam is quickly becoming a popular choice among ambitious college students, millionaire tech moguls, and world-class athletes alike.

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Paradigm Peptides manufactures phenylpiracetam for sale at the highest quality and potency available. Phenylpiracetam increases the number of serotonin, GABA, and dopamine receptors in your mind. In doing so, it allows for mood improvement and alleviation of anxiety. In addition to improving mood and anxiety, it increases and activates NMDA and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors which improve memory.

All products currently listed on this site are for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Application: increases and activates NMDA and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
CAS: 77472-70-9
Molecular Weight: 218.256 g/mol
Chemical Formula: C12H14N2O2
Chemical Name: 2-(2-oxo-4-phenylpyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide
Synonyms: Phenotropil; Carphedon
Storage: Should be stored in a cool, dark and dry space
Stability: 2 Years
Purity: 99%
Solubility: Approximately 10 mg/ml in PBS, pH 7.2
Organoleptic Profile: crystalline powder
Physical Form: Solid, powder form
Specifications: 100mg per Capsule
Container: 60 Capsules per Bottle
Terms: The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only.

NMDA Receptors

NMDA, or the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor, is a glutamate receptor as well as an ion channel found within neurons. It is one of three types of ionotropic receptors within the body. The other two are AMPA and kainate receptors. Depending on which subunit the NMDA receptor is, it’s ligands are glutamate and glycine. However, it is a fairly picky receptor compared to other receptors. 

NMDA receptor ligands alone are not sufficient enough to open channels and therefore can only open once Mg2+ ions are removed. This only occurs when the neuron is depolarized. Once these conditions are met, the channel is then opened to positively charged ions that flow through the cell membrane. 

NMDA receptors are important because of their ability to control synaptic plasticity, mediate learning and control various memory functions. 

What is Phenylpiracetam?

Created by Russian scientists who added a phenyl group to Piracetam, the nootropic Phenylpiracetam is designed to improve cognitive abilities and physical energy. It does so by increasing the density of acetylcholine, dopamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and NMDA receptors.

Phenylpiracetam has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including mood disorders and cerebrovascular disorders, in addition to improvements in athletic performance.

Due to its fast-acting stimulative effects, phenylpiracetam is often incorporated in nootropic stacks. For those with demanding schedules, this smart drug can increase your stress tolerance and provide the enhanced focus you need to move from task to task quickly and effectively.According to researchers, phenylpiracetam can improve learning and retention which is ideal for students who are preparing for tests or presentations.

Depression and Phenylpiracetam

Researchers studied the effects of phenylpiracetam on 63 patients between the ages of 19 and 28. The subjects had previously been under the influence of opioids and had to undergo a six week long withdrawal treatment prior to the trials proceeding. 

Of the 63, twenty-five were prescribed the antidepressant amitriptyline at 100 to 200mg per day. Eighteen individuals were given both amitriptyline and sulpiride with amitriptyline being administered at 100 to 200mg per day and sulpiride at 250 to 300mg per day. The final group was given 200mg a day of Phenotropil in addition to the others which is a brand name given to phenylpiracetam. 

At the conclusion of the study, those that had the phenylpiracetam in the mix saw increased dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. 

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam is a multifaceted nootropic. It works within the brain to affect several receptors. In doing so, it can increase the number of serotonin, GABA, and dopamine receptors. By increasing the receptors it allows for its user to experience improved moods as well as less anxiety. It’s also able to increase and activate NMDA and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. This can thereby improve your memory throughout use of phenylpiracetam.

What to Look For:

  • Sharpened focus
  • Higher learning capacity
  • Better concentration
  • More physical stamina
  • Improved memory
  • Higher alertness
  • More mental drive
  • Better sleep

Side Effects

While there are many other nootropics that don’t necessarily interact with medications. Phenylpiracetam has the possibility to interact with other medications you’re taking. That being said, most of its symptoms are the result of interactions.

Things to keep an eye out for include headaches, fogginess, insomnia, depression and emotional instability. That last side effect usually shows as excessive anger or irritability.

Dosing Protocol for Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam dosing ranges anywhere from 100 to 200mg doses. These doses are then taken two to three times a day depending on the individual. When first starting out with phenylpiracetam you may want to stick with the lower ranges of dosing. In other words, taking around 200mg per day. 

Once you see how your body adjusts to the phenylpiracetam you can gauge the doses accordingly until you find what works best for you.

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Paradigm Peptides offers quality, lab-tested nootropics and smart drugs for discerning customers. Whether you’re seeking to improve your mental clarity, enhance your mood, or increase energy levels, buy Phenylpiracetam online to give your brain the boost it needs.

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*Disclaimer: The phenylpiracetam currently listed on this site is sold for research use only. Not for human consumption. This product is not a drug, supplement, food or cosmetic and it may not be misused, sold, labeled or branded as such. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.


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