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Paradigm Peptides manufactures Ibutamoren MK-677 for sale at the highest quality and potency available. Ibutamoren, better known by researchers as MK 677 or nutrobal is a human growth hormone secretagogue. According to current research, MK 677 engages with the pituitary gland to promote the secretion of HGH. By doing so, the body can build lean muscle mass and improve the healing of bones and ligaments. In addition to its ability to release HGH, research found that MK-677 can also slow the release of somatostatin, a hormone tasked with the regulation of human growth hormone.

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Application : High-affinity ghrelin receptor agonist
CAS: 159752-10-0
Molecular Weight: 528.662 g/mol
Chemical Formula: C27H36N4O5S.CH3SO3H
Chemical Name: (R)-1′-(2-methylalanyl-O-benzyl-D-seryl)-1-(methylsulfonyl)-1,2-dihydrospiro[indole-3,4′-piperidine]
Synonyms: Ibutamoren, MK-677, MK-0677, L-163,191, L163191, Nutrobal
Storage: Minimize open-air exposure, and store in a cool dry place
Stability: 2 years
Purity: 99%
Solubility: Soluble to 50 mM in water
Organoleptic Profile: Off-white to beige fine powder, hygroscopic, acrid odor, acrid metallic taste
Physical Form: A crystalline solid
Specifications: 12.5mg/capsule
Container: 60 MK677 (Ibutamoren) capsules
Terms: The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only.

MK 677, also known as ibutamoren, nutrobal, and ibutamoren mesylate is a selective androgen receptor modulator. This SARM works as a growth hormone secretagogue. In other words, it helps promote the secretion of natural growth hormone in the body thus inducing muscle mass increase, fat burn, and more!

SARMs are known to be the better compound because, unlike anabolic steroids that have serious side effects, these compounds have very few side effects in general.

Ibutamoren MK-677 works by attaching itself to ghrelin receptors in the body. By doing so, the person using it may experience higher GH and IGF-1 levels. This aids the creation of lean muscle mass, increased appetite, and other benefits.

Sleep Studies with MK 677

In a study done with eight younger subjects between the ages of 18 and 30 and six older subjects between 65 and 71 years of age, MK 677 was tested for its effectiveness in improving sleep quality. For both groups, young and old, three treatment phases of 7 days each occurred. During this stretch of the trials, each group was either considered placebo or given a dose of either 5mg or 25mg of MK 677. At the conclusion of the study, it was found that MK 677 could improve sleep quality and correct hyposomatotropism related to aging.

Other Studies Done with MK677

Two other notable studies include one done with males between the age of 19 and 49 and another done with both men and women ages 60 to 81.

In the study done with the younger males, MK 677 was studied for its effects on GH secretion, body composition, and energy levels. During the duration of the study, which was eight weeks, the subjects were each given a daily dosage of MK 677 at 25mg per day. At the conclusion of the study, it was determined that MK 677 was accepted well by the subject’s bodies and that energy dissipation and body composition took on an anabolic nature. There were sustained increases in fat-free mass as well as a temporary increase in basal metabolic rate.

In the second study, which was a double-blind two-year study, the older men and women ages 60 to 81 were given a daily dose of 25mg. Like the previous study, this study also was to test fat-free mass and the decrease of abdominal visceral fat. The participants in the test group saw a significant increase in both GH and IGF-1 without any notable adverse side effects. Not only that, it significantly increased fat-free mass and showed the ability to increase bone remodeling in the participants.

The Benefits of Using MK-677

It’s already been alluded to that using IGF increases lean muscle mass and increases your overall appetite. However, there is more to this SARM than just these two key points. There have also been studies done that have proven that it can also help memory and cognitive function as well because it induces the production of both GH and IGF-1. If you’re having problems getting a full night’s rest, the MK 677 may be for you as well. MK 677 has been proven to help get a restful night’s sleep. Why is this beneficial? Your body needs time to recuperate and rejuvenate, and most of this is done while you sleep. When we don’t get that rest, we don’t get the healing that we need. On the other hand, if you want to stay up later and engage your sex life, MK 677 can help in that department too by kicking up your libido. It’s a win-win situation!


  • Improved Memory
  • Restful Sleep
  • Better Moods
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Production of GH and IGF-1

Possible Side Effects of MK 677

Some side effects can occur; however, they’re typically mild, and if you really think about it, the benefits are worth the side effects. Some of the side effects that have been most common include things like water retention, lethargy, and appetite increase. Regarding water retention, this more commonly occurs when individuals consume more than the recommended daily dosage. Therefore, if you don’t go over the recommended amount you have the potential to avoid this side effect altogether. Regarding lethargy, most recommend taking it in the evening, so you don’t feel off base all day and you’d still be getting a good night’s rest. Finally, when it comes to appetite, this basically means that your body is burning off all the extra fat, so as you can see, even the negatives can be positives.

Side Effects: 

  • Increased Appetite
  • Water Retention
  • Lethargy

Dosage Protocol for MK677

MK 677 has a straightforward dosing protocol and cycle length. Essentially you want to take MK 677 on an empty stomach. This can be done one to two times a day depending on your preference. If you decide to go the one-dose route, sticking with a dosage of 25mg for the whole day is recommended. However, if you choose to do the two-dose route, this will mean taking two 12.5mg dosages every day. Either way, you can achieve the same results. The other thing to consider is cycle length. A typical cycle of MK 677 lasts between eight to twelve weeks, anything shorter and you risk not seeing the full potential of the SARM.

MK 677 for Sale at Paradigm Peptides

When shopping at Paradigm Peptides, you can rest easy knowing that we carry top-quality SARMs, peptides, and research chemicals. MK 677, like all our products, is tested to ensure that they meet the highest authenticity and purity standards available. Have questions or want to learn more about payment options, see our FAQs page. Start your journey with Paradigm Peptides today!

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