GHK-CU 50mg


Recent studies have shown GHK-CU Copper peptide stimulates blood vessel and nerve outgrowth, and also enhances the presence of collagen, glycosaminoglycan synthesis, and elastin within the body. Buy high quality GHK-CU peptides for your research.

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GHK Cu was discovered in 1973 by Loren Pickart and is known to be a naturally occurring copper complex tripeptide that can be found in human plasma in addition to urine and saliva. Numerous studies involving GHK Cu have been done over the past four decades since it was discovered in 1973, and it has been found to aide in many areas of health and wellness. GHK Cu is currently being researched as an anti-inflammatory to replace corticosteroids. However, GHK Cu already has a long list of accomplishments including stimulating blood vessels and nerve outgrowth, protecting skin cells from harmful UV radiation, reducing inflammation, increases hair growth and its thickness, and can even help with pain, anxiety, and aggression. GHK Cu is a lyophilized blue powder that would need to be reconstituted. Once reconstituted, it is recommended for immediate use.

Effects of GHK Cu:


  • Tighten loose skin
  • Reverse thinning of skin
  • Improve firmness
  • Improve elasticity
  • Improve clarity
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce photodamage
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce skin spots and lesions
  • Stimulation of blood vessels & nerve outgrowth
  • Protects skin cells from harmful UV radiation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increased hair growth and thickness
  • Attracts Immune Cell




Name: GHK Cu

Molecular Formula: C14H22CuN6O4

Molecular Weight: 403.9242 g/mol

Appearance: Blue Powder

Purity (by HPLC): >98%

Medicine Grade

Specifications: 50mg / Vial


Research Chemicals at Paradigm Peptides:

At Paradigm Peptides, we carry high-quality GHK Cu 50mg vials, which are designed for research purposes only. Learn more about our tested and authenticated research chemicals when you reach out to us today.


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