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Effects of Alpha-GPC Nootropic

The Alpha-GPC nootropic (also known as Alpha-GPC Choline) positively affects memory, thought processing and other cognitive abilities. Produced from highly purified forms of soy lecithin, Alpha-GPC is a naturally occurring nootropic found in your body and food sources like organ meat, dairy and wheat germ. Alpha-GPC capsules have been shown to significantly affect brain function and memory enhancement when supplemented at higher doses. Buy Alpha-GPC online from Paradigm Peptides today.

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Alpha-GPC for Sale at Paradigm Peptides

Paradigm Peptides manufactures Alpha-GPC for sale at the highest quality and potency available. Alpha-GPC, or L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine as referred to by researchers, is a nootropic supplement known to positively affect memory, thought processing and other cognitive functions.

All products currently listed on this site are for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Application: Increases the levels of acetylcholine naturally found in the brain
CAS: 28319-77-9
Molecular Weight: 257.221 g/mol
Chemical Formula: C8H20NO6P
Chemical Name: Alpha-glycerophosphocholine
Synonyms: Alpha-GPC or α-GPC
Storage: Should be stored in a cool, dark and dry space
Stability: 2 Years
Purity: 99%
Solubility: Water-soluble compound
Organoleptic Profile: White powder with fish smelling scent
Physical Form: Solid, powder
Specifications: Alpha-GPC 300mg tablets
Container: 60 Alpha-GPC capsules per bottle
Terms: The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only.

If you’re looking to enhance your memory and cognitive functioning, then Alpha GPC is the right choice for you.

The Importance of Acetylcholine

The cholinergic system regulates several aspects of the body, including brain functions such as: sensory processing, attention, sleep, arousal and the modulation of neural activity. This last portion is achieved through acetylcholine receptors.

Acetylcholine, abbreviated ACh, is a chemical found primarily in the brain and body of most animals. It functions as a neurotransmitter and is an ester of acetic acid and choline. When acetylcholine is activated, it works as a muscle activator.

It is also known that the acetylcholine chemical works as a neurotransmitter in the autonomic nervous system. How does it work in this instance? It works as both an internal transmitter for our sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. However, in the case of the parasympathetic nervous system, acetylcholine is the final product that is released. Most researchers buy Alpha-GPC nootropic supplements with the goal of increasing the natural levels of acetylcholine found in the brain.

What is Alpha-GPC?

Alpha-GPC is a nootropic that can increase our natural levels of acetylcholine (similar to racetams like Noopept), enable our minds to function optimally and improve our mental capacity. Most that take Alpha-GPC capsules find that their ability to retain more information increases with use. In addition, Alpha-GPC supplements also increase oxygen to the brain allowing for better concentration levels.

Taking Alpha-GPC capsules has also shown promise in reducing the rate of cognitive decline in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory & Learning

Several studies are ongoing in terms of the effectiveness of Alpha-GPC on learning and memory enhancement. In one of these studies, 20 men and women in their early 20s took a dose of Alpha-GPC at 200mg or 400mg, while others of the 20 participants took 200mg of caffeine. In said study, researchers concluded that those who took Alpha-GPC capsules scored significantly higher than those who took the caffeine.

Alpha-GPC for Dementia

Dementia is a condition that affects memory, language, and many other areas of your life. In most cases, this condition affects those over the age of 80. However, it can affect younger individuals as well. This is why taking care of your mind with nootropics such as Alpha-GPC supplements is essential to overall brain health.

When researchers administered Alpha-GPC supplements to lab rats 3 hours prior to a behavioral test, learning impairment was reduced.

Another study with Alpha-GPC at the forefront showed that patients taking 400mg Alpha-GPC capsules saw improvements and a reduction in cognitive decline.

Alpha-GPC Side Effects

If you decide to buy Alpha-GPC for sale from Paradigm Peptides, you may experience some mild side effects. With the current research on Alpha-GPC, typical side effects include:

  • Heartburn
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Possible skin rash

However, it is important to note that those who experienced these Alpha-GPC side effects initially saw a reduction as use continued.

Alpha-GPC Benefits: What Does Alpha-GPC Do?

When it comes to Alpha-GPC benefits, it’s clear that they outnumber the possible side effects. When you buy Alpha-GPC, you may experience benefits such as overall better neural communication and cognitive function. One may also see improved mental capabilities and better workplace performance. Taking Alpha-GPC 300mg capsules may also lead to better memory, planning and learning, as well as improved alertness and a better attention span. With a better attention span, improved concentration and reasoning may also increase.

Alpha-GPC also can protect the neuron system by enhancing synaptic plasticity and increasing membrane fluidity.

  • The Promotion of Better Overall Neuron Communication & Cognitive Function
  • Improved Mental Capabilities for Better Work Performance
  • Positive Effects on Mental Processing, Including Memory, Planning & Learning
  • Improved Attention Span & Alertness
  • Improved Concentration & Better Reasoning
  • The Protection of Neuron System By Enhancing Synaptic Plasticity & Increasing Membrane Fluidity
  • Can Potentially Help With the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

How to Use Alpha-GPC: Alpha-GPC Dosage Information

How much Alpha-GPC is safe to take per day? When learning to dose and use Alpha-GPC capsules properly, it’s essential to understand that several factors, including age and health, should be measured before use. In studies, the most popular doses varied, with the lowest being one Alpha-GPC 300mg capsule and the highest at four, equaling 1200mg per day.

Alpha-GPC is also one of the best nootropics for energy – doses may also benefit athletes looking for an edge since Alpha-GPC can affect choline levels. By keeping choline levels steady, an athlete may see an increase in endurance and performance.

When to Take Alpha-GPC

Those who wish to take Alpha-GPC can work in their daily doses at whatever time is most convenient for them. For example, you may choose to take Alpha-GPC capsules in the morning and at dinner or lunch and night. Whichever you decide, ensure you continue taking it around the same time every day to experience the Alpha-GPC benefits available from a daily dosing routine.

Paradigm Peptides for High-Quality Nootropics

If you’re looking to buy Alpha-GPC online, Paradigm Peptides has you covered. We’re a leading supplier of pure, lab-tested nootropics for sale to users of all kinds. Discover the Alpha-GPC benefits for yourself today. You can also stack our Alpha-GPC 300 mg tablets with our other premium nootropics for the ideal mental performance boost. We work to ensure high-quality products that are manufactured in the United States. Want the most up-to-date information on Alpha-GPC? Visit our blog to learn everything you need to know about the best nootropic stacks, our products and more today! Buy Alpha-GPC supplements today. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

*Disclaimer: Alpha-GPC for sale on this site is sold for research use only. Not for human consumption. This product is not a drug, supplement, food or cosmetic, and it may not be misused, sold, labeled or branded as such. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.


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