Research chemicals are different types of chemical substances specifically used for medical and scientific studies. Not intended for human or veterinary use, the research chemicals for sale at Paradigm Peptides are meant for pharmacological purposes only. From in vivo testing to determine therapeutic value to toxicology testing to conclude safety, our research chemicals can be used for a number of medical laboratory studies. At Paradigm Peptides, we’re committed to offering premium quality research chemicals for sale. You can count on our products to help you conduct accurate, effective research. Buy research chemicals from Paradigm Peptides today!

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Before you buy research chemicals online, you may be curious about the products and ordering processes. Our highly-skilled team is here to help with a wealth of information and expert tips. Continue reading or check out our FAQ page to discover more about our research chemicals for sale.

How Should Research Chemicals Be Stored?

When you buy research chemicals, it's important to keep them away from direct sunlight. Prior to dissolution, you'll want to store them in a cool, dry place at -20 degrees celsius. When stored properly, your research chemicals can have a shelf life of up to 2-5 years.

Are There Any Safety Precautions To Follow After I Buy Research Chemicals?

Yes. Taking preventative measures will help keep you out of harm's way when you work with our research chemicals. It's important to avoid inhalation and prolonged, repeated exposure, as well as contact with eyes, skin and clothes. Please note, Paradigm Peptides is not liable for any damage resulting from the handling of our products.

What If My Shipment Of Research Chemicals Is Incorrect Or Damaged?

When you buy research chemicals online from Paradigm Peptides, we're confident your order will arrive correctly and intact. We take extra precautions to ensure ourselves against mishandling by the USPS, like photographing and documenting every order. However, if your order does arrive damaged, you have 14 days to contact Paradigm Peptides for return or replacement.


At Paradigm Peptides, we make it our mission to provide the highest quality of research chemicals on the market. We partner with established U.S.-based direct manufacturers to offer premium research chemicals for your studies. Whether you're conducting tests on non-steroidal fertility medications or drugs that treat and reduce the risk of breast cancer, our research chemicals can help. We realize that no matter your field, you need access to reliable research chemicals. When you shop our selection, you'll find a wide variety of options sourced from reputable labs. Buy research chemicals from Paradigm Peptides today!


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