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Is Sugar Really the Culprit of Obesity?


Losing weight can seem like one fad diet after the other accompanied by extreme workouts that essentially break your spirit and cause you more pain than good. But what if sugar wasn’t the culprit of … Read more

Health Related New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution

Are you part of the 31% of the population making a New Year’s resolution this year? Data shows that the most common resolutions range from eating healthier and exercising to losing weight in general. So … Read more

What To Do About Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Whether you’re an athlete or just someone looking to start your health journey. Knee pain and injury is a lot more common than you realize. Especially when the pain is from overstressed ligaments and tendons. … Read more

Peptide Therapy and the Medical Field

peptide therapy

The medical field is an ever changing front. Gaining knowledge and understanding through research and studies. WIth it, science is also changing and prospering. Some sciences even aid in medical breakthroughs. One such breakthrough is … Read more

Sardinian Diet: A Key to Life Longevity

Sardinian diet

Sardinia, Italy is a small cluster of villages on an island just off the coast of Italy’s boot. Not only does their lifestyle and diet choices play a part in their ability to live long, … Read more