Understanding & Gaining Mental Clarity

mental clarity

If you’ve ever gone through a given day feeling as if it flew by and not knowing what you’ve really accomplished then you’ve had some blockage of mental clarity. Think of it like this, if … Read more

Cryotherapy and Recovery: Brilliant or Bust?


While cryotherapy has been used for quite some time at varying degrees, it is only now becoming more and more popular. Why? Because athletes, influencers, and other famous individuals are raving about its benefits. But … Read more

The Mental Health Stigma: How to Overcome It

mental health

Mental health includes several areas of our lives. For starters, the most common areas include our emotions as well as our psychological wellbeing. Our mental health or the state of it in general is shaped … Read more

Is Tabata Right for You?


More often times we don’t really hear about who started a certain exercise regime only about the regime itself. In the case of Tabata, it became popular after scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and researchers from … Read more

Fitspo: Is It Detrimental to Progress?


In an ever changing world. One ideal has stayed true to its origins. What’s that ideal? Fitness culture. However, with the introduction of the world wide web and social media. We are now facing an … Read more

CrossFit: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly


CrossFit as a company was brought to life back in 1996. Then by 2000 both Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai incorporated CrossFit Inc. into it. The two opened a gym in California and began posting … Read more