Christy Pyrz, Author at Paradigm Peptides

The Gut Biome: Does Your Gut Need a Reset?

gut biome

In a fast paced environment filled with so many food options. We as a society are seeing more and more issues with our digestive systems. And like most health related issues, we’re not seeing enough … Read more

Clean Eating: From Meal Planning to Plate

clean eating

In a modern age where even “organic” foods aren’t truly organic, we as a populace are trying our best to find ways to eat healthy. There are tons of ways that the idea of healthy … Read more

Best Back Exercises for Your Traps & Lats

best back exercises

Our backs are our powerhouses, they’re what help us maintain our posture and allow us to walk with a sense of equilibrium. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that we need … Read more