Re-evaluating Your Weight Loss Motivation | Paradigm Peptides

You commit to the new workout plan, you’re fully motivated and enthusiastic about your fitness goals. You’re working through meal planning for the week. This continues for a month or two, then you start to notice the little slips. More take-out, junk food showing up in your pantry in leaps and bounds. Your workouts start to falter and you’re spending more time binge watching the latest season of your favorite show than you are focusing on your goals. In layman’s terms, you’ve lost the weight loss motivation that you started with. 

While this can be frustrating, it’s something that can be easily fixed, or at least can be modified so that you can get back on track and really start enjoying your fitness routines once again. Let’s take a look at some ways to accomplish this.

Goal Setting or Readjustment

Are you just realizing you’re unmotivated when it comes to that fitness goal you set? Take another look at it. You may be losing sight of why you initially started your fitness journey. It all starts with your why, if your why is weak, then your goal is more prone to failure. You need something to get excited about. That being said, if your goal isn’t serving its purpose, don’t be afraid to reframe that goal and give it new life. Adjust your goal based on a strong why and you’re more likely to succeed. 

Not only that, when you create your big goal, don’t forget to cut it down into bite size chunks. This does two things, it makes your goal less intimidating and it also allows for some instant gratification moments when you hit the short term goals in your overall long term plan.

Weight Loss Tracking

While the scale is not an end all be all when it comes to weight loss motivation and fitness in general it does have the ability to be a motivating factor. In a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, over 3,000 participants that weighed themselves consistently saw a higher increase in weight loss than those that didn’t weigh in as much.

However, as mentioned, weight should not be the only thing you should track. Making any form of changes to your lifestyle can also impact things like your mental health as well. So, in your weight loss journey, you’ll also want to pay attention to your anxiety levels, changes in sleep patterns, and even your overall energy levels. 

Pace Yourself

Don’t be afraid to pace your progress accordingly. By paying attention to your body’s cues and really digging into what you can handle and what is too much you accomplish two things. First, you become more intuitive. Second is that you reduce the risk of injury. In other words, if you decide you want to train at say a higher weight but notice too much strain, reduce it slightly. 

Something else that not many people think about is that feeling of anxiety you may get when you’re new to the fitness arena. So, if you’re someone that gets anxious at the thought of working out at the gym, start at home. That way you don’t lose your weight loss motivation before your journey even starts. Then, once you’re comfortable, take your workouts to the gym. 

Last but not least, you can try a trick that has worked for so many. The trick is to commit to 10 minutes. Whether that 10 minutes is on the treadmill or if it’s doing circuit training. Once you can commit to 10 minutes, you’re more liable to commit to more and keep on track. 

Friends that Workout Together, Motivate Each Other

Of course, doing anything on your own can make it way more intimidating than it needs to be. That’s why in some cases, it’s good to have an accountability buddy. What is an accountability buddy? It’s several things. One thing it isn’t is a person that lets the workouts slide. An accountability buddy is someone that helps you keep up your weight loss motivation and even in some cases works out with you. They’re the person that gets you to run that last minute, lift the extra weight you added one last time, and cheers you on from the sideline. In this case, two is better than one, meaning that those that work out together, lose the extra weight together. 

Peptides and Weight Loss Motivation

Now, for some, weight loss on its own can be fairly difficult to achieve. That’s where things like synthetic peptides may come into play. What are synthetic peptides? They are substances that mimic naturally occurring peptides that already exist in your body. This does a few things. First, it allows your body to adjust more easily to the compounds. Second, there are less adverse effects since these substances mostly occur naturally anyways. 

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