The Gut Biome: Does Your Gut Need a Reset? | Paradigm Peptides

In a fast paced environment filled with so many food options. We as a society are seeing more and more issues with our digestive systems. And like most health related issues, we’re not seeing enough research to really understand what’s going on. So how do we treat our gut biomes and how can we get them back to a normal state of functioning? Let’s learn about it together shall we.

How the Gut Biome Forms

Our gut microbiome is made up of microorganisms and their specific genetic material. These microorganisms live within our intestines. What are they specifically? Bacteria cells. But not all of these cells are bad. In fact, they’re detrimental to your health. But how early does your gut biome form? As early as your first taste of breast milk or formula. 

The problem is that if we’re not careful, we can really mess up our biomes early on. This can be caused by not getting down and dirty. Meaning that playing in the dirt, eating all kinds of foods, and being exposed to different bacteria and viruses is almost essential. Why? Well, have you ever noticed how when you constantly keep things sanitized to an over sanitized level you actually end up sick more often?

It’s because you’re not allowing your body to be exposed to the different bacteria and so your immune system isn’t working its best. Instead, it can actually be attacking the good things and allowing the bad bacteria to pass through unharmed.

Can You Reset Your Gut Biome?

As science explores more and more into the human body, we’ve come to understand more and more how it works. However, even with growing technology and even more understanding. We still don’t fully understand how the body’s systems work. And that’s okay. 

What we do know is that, like most organic matter, our body’s can essentially get a reset. At least when it comes to the microbiome of our gut. 


This is done several ways. One of the more commonly known methods of reset is fasting. Now, while fasting can help give your body a reset, it is not for everyone. And there are certain guidelines you’ll want to entertain when partaking in a fasting session. For starters, fasting is vastly different from men to women. This is because men and women are built slightly differently. You can learn more about fasting here.

You Are What You Eat

Something else to consider besides fasting is what you put in your gut biome. You know that age old saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s actually pretty accurate. Our bodies need nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It gets these different components from what we eat. Well, we also need to focus on certain foods for our gut health as well. 

The best foods for our gut health come in the fermented variety. You know that kombucha or the greek yogurt you have for breakfast every morning? Well, not only do you enjoy the taste, your body’s gut microbiome is enjoying the benefits of balanced good and bad bacteria.

But there are things that aren’t really in your control when it comes to the food you eat. And unless you’re self-sustaining. Meaning you’re growing your own food and raising your own meat sources. You’re more than likely eating toxins in the forms of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

While you cannot control this aspect, you can at least mitigate it through thoroughly cleaning your produce. In more recent years, this has been done with the use of white vinegar, salt, and cold water. By soaking your produce in this mixture you’re getting at least some of the chemical off. 

Of course, you could actually grow your own produce and use natural products in your soil and such. Which may seem a bit obsessive. However, at least you know what it came from. 

Antibiotics Helpful or Harmful?

Okay, we understand that antibiotics are sometimes absolutely necessary. However, blanket antibiotic products tend to kill a large amount of the good bacteria in your gut biome along with the bad. This then results in an imbalance which needs to be reset. So, what does that mean for you? Well, it means that unless the antibiotic is absolutely necessary for your health (i.e., prescribed to you by a doctor) then don’t use them. 

Using Pro- and Prebiotics

If for some reason you’re feeling like your gut is off, you may actually want to try some probiotics or prebiotics. 

Probiotics are supplements made up of good live bacteria. These types of organisms live naturally within your body but can be affected negatively at times. For example, when you get sick, your body has more of the bad bacteria in it. Throwing off your gut biome. By taking probiotics, you’re enabling your body to take on the bad bacteria. 

As for prebiotics, these lovely organisms help to feed the probiotics. Prebiotic fiber strengthens and nourishes the good bacteria in our bodies and can be taken in conjunction with a probiotic.

Final Thoughts on the Gut Biome

Whether you clicked on this article as a way to mitigate gut related health issues. Or you just wanted to learn more about your gut health in general. Taking care of your gut takes practice and discipline. So, while you may want to stop on the way home at your local fast food place, you may want to reconsider. More so because when you don’t know everything that you’re putting in your body, you may be potentially causing more harm than good. 

So what should you do? Focus on getting your food from reliable sources. Make sure that you cleanse your produce before eating to avoid extra toxins. Try some fermented foods or things with probiotics. And overall, learn to listen to the aches and pains you’re experiencing so you can better assist your body and overall health.