Maintaining Your Workout Routine During Travel | Paradigm Peptides

There is no tried and true secret to maintaining your workout routine when traveling. Whether for work or pleasure. The secret is no secret at all. You’ll potentially need to come up with a modified variation of your typical workout. This will all depend on where you go and how much time you’ll have to yourself as well as whether or not you’re someone who experiences jet lag

Now, while there may not be a tried and true secret to making sure you stay on top of your workout routine during travel. There are a few different ways to prepare so that you can stay consistent with your routine.

Step One: Determining Time & Creating a Workout

The first full proof way to ensure that you’re maintaining a consistent workout routine during travel is to ensure you have a basic understanding of time. This means time to workout. You’re not going to want to squeeze something in all willy nilly. That being said, take a look at your travel plans. If you’re traveling to Florida to go to Disney World and Universal Studios. You’ll know two things. 

One, you’ll be doing a lot of walking and waiting in lines. What does that mean? You won’t have to do nearly as much cardio work because just walking around the parks will do that for you. Let alone if you’re late for a reservation and need to literally run half way across the park to make it. Boom! You’ve done your cardio for the day. What else does it mean? It means that you can focus more of your actual workout on resistance training for muscle growth. 

In most cases, if you stay at a hotel there are fitness centers. This typically looks like a treadmill or two, an elliptical and some weights with a bench. However, if you stay at an airbnb or even a friend’s house these things may not be accessible. What does that mean? Creating a workout routine during travel that doesn’t revolve around weights and instead works off of strength training exercises.

Now, if you go back to our example and you’re at Disney with family or friends, then you may not have a ton of time throughout the day to set out for a workout. This isn’t a totally horrible thing. It’s more about quality than quantity in any case. Meaning that if you at least get fifteen minutes of strength training per day you’ve done your part. So, now the question is, what exercises can I get the most from my workout with if I only have fifteen minutes to pump it out.

Step Two: Exercises for Your Workout During Travel

The biggest thing to remember is that it should always be form over anything else when completing body weight exercises. It doesn’t matter how many repetitions you’ve done so long as your muscles are getting properly worked. That being said, below are some examples of different exercises you could add into your workout to make it manageable and effective when you workout during travel.

Incline or Regular Push Ups

Depending on the amount of work you want to put in on your body, regular push ups or even incline push ups are a great addition to a travel workout. This is because they can be done strictly with body weight and pretty much anywhere. What I mean by that is all you need is a floor, desk, or even the edge of a bed.

If doing an inclined push up you’ll want to brace your hands on the edge of a desk or bed and lift off from there. If you’re doing a regular floor push up you would push up off the ground instead. The great thing about push ups is that there are a great array of variations. Meaning you can do shoulder width, narrow, one handed and so on.

Reverse Crunches

Another fan favorite is the reverse crunches. This can commonly be found as one of the most popular exercises for travel workouts. This is because again, all you need is the floor and yourself. Then all you would do is bend your knees lifting them to your chest while laying flat on the ground.


Now, if you’re walking around a lot during your travels then you may want to take it a little easy on your legs. However, body weight squats are a great and effective way to give your legs a good work through and have an effect on balance as well.

Calf Raises

If you’re wanting to make sure you don’t forget about your calves, then this is the workout during travel that you’ll need. Calf raises are super simple and there are more ways than one to do them. You could literally stand on a sidewalk while waiting for a light to change or a bus and raise up off the heel of your foot. And just do this a few times. Or in most cases, places you’d be staying have some form of stoop or stairs typically. This kind of calf raise would give you an extra stretch to the back of your leg and ankle.

Step Three: Easy to Pack Supplements

While protein powders are extremely useful when working out, they may not be something that you can easily travel with. Especially if you have a giant jug of it. So rather than traveling with protein powders, make your life a bit easier and bring your SARMs with you instead. These compounds will help you gain muscle and even maintain it. You can get yours from Paradigm Peptides by clicking here.