How to Get In Shape: Realistic Goals for the Realistic Bodybuilder

Not everyone is built like a Roman or Greek God or Goddess let alone can achieve that look over night. But it is something that can be obtained over time if done correctly. If you’re someone that wants to get into shape and become a top contender for the bodybuilding community then you’ll want to follow a few key rules.

Realistic Fitness Plans

The first and most important aspect of any kind of weight loss or muscle gain plan is simple. Have a realistic fitness plan that will get you into shape and will have you excited. If you look at the hierarchy of fitness, having a go to plan is the foundation of that routine. 

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is what is my goal? Is your goal to just get in shape or is it to improve your heart health, or perhaps it is just to eat healthier and drink more water. Each one of these goals is a stepping stone to your fitness plan and requires a different amount of energy from you.

Put it this way, say your goal is to lose 20lbs over the course of 2 weeks. This goal is obtainable if you don’t want to eat. However, say you want to lose that twenty pounds over the course of several months. The ultimate goal being, you’re slimmed out and muscled up by beach season. This can be obtained and can be something that is easier to manage. 

With the first scenario, you’re more likely to become ill and end up binge eating to make up for the fact that your body is being starved of what it needs. However, with the second scenario you can put in the time and effort to plan and execute said plan more effectively. This will help you stay emotionally, mentally, and physically in a better mindset to hit your goals. 

Something else you may want to consider is an open ended fitness plan or goal. That way instead of saying “I want to lose 20lbs in 6 months” you can say something along the lines of “I want to strengthen my cardiovascular system so that I don’t end up with heart disease when I’m older”. In this scenario, you’re more inclined to keep working and you’ll end up noticing a difference not only in your cardiovascular health but in your entire mindset. 

Weekly Diet

No, this is not to say that fad diets are the way to go, nor are boring “no-flavor” diets. So what does a weekly diet mean exactly then if not either of those things? For starters, if you don’t love the food you’re eating, you’re less likely to continue eating them. A good example of this is a person that hates mushrooms but continues to eat them in hopes that by some miracle they’ll refrain from being slimy while eating them.

So what does creating a weekly diet plan have to do with you being able to get in shape? A lot actually. Making sure you’re providing your body with necessary micro- and macro-nutrients is important for you whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to decrease your caloric deficit when working to bulk up. In fact, you’d want to increase your intake because you’re more than likely using more energy. 

A lot of the equation for planning meals to match your goals is divided between caloric intake, how often you workout, and the frequency in which you eat. If you’re main priority is to bulk up then your “get in shape” goal would be to increase your caloric intake so that your body has more to pull from. However, if your goal is to slim down and not really worry about muscle you’ll want to reduce your caloric intake only slightly.

Something important to consider too is the frequency and consistency of what you’re eating. For example, a bag of chips and a bag of baby carrots will supply you with two very different energies. While the bag of chips is a tasty, salty treat you’re eating more carbs which will end up making you feel bloated later on. Whereas, if you end up eating the bag of carrots, say with some ranch, you’ll feel less bloated later on and get more energy from your snack.

Variety in Exercise

The final piece to this equation to get in shape is the use of a variety of exercises. Why should the types of exercises matter if you’re trying to lose the weight and build muscle? It’s actually quite simple. 

Introducing a variety of exercises to your routine will provide your body with relief. That is to say on your joints and muscles. A leading cause for injury is overstressing your muscles and joints to the point of causing damage outside of the typical range.

By doing varying exercises you’re thereby giving your body time to relax a bit and recover fully. So instead of doing tons of weight lifting everyday all day, split it up with other forms of exercise and some cardio and you’re more likely to get in shape faster.

Supplements to Get in Shape

Now, if you’re like many and have plateaued over the course of your fitness routine then your body may need some extra help. This typically comes in the form of supplements. One such supplement is MK-677. It is a SARM, or selective androgen receptor modulator, which helps your body build muscle and increase your growth hormone secretion to support your muscle gain.

Where to Buy MK-677 to Get in Shape

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