Splicing Peptides: Why MGF Should Be On Your Radar | Paradigm Peptides

The world of peptides is at a constant rate of change. New variations are being discovered and old ones are being altered to make them better. But why fix something if it isn’t broken? The answer is clear. Progress. We as a society are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our findings. Whether that means continuing to study what we already know or taking that knowledge and expanding. This is the case for MGF, or mechano growth factor.

Insulin Growth Factor 1

To understand MGF or mechano growth factor, we first need to gain an understanding of insulin like growth factor one. This is because, MGF is a derivative of the original peptide. Insulin like growth factor 1, or IGF-1 for short is a hormone that has a similar molecular structure to that of insulin. For children this means that IGF-1 helps in the category of growth and development. For adults however, it takes on a more anabolic effect.

In its natural state, IGF-1 is created by the liver. Its creation is the work of growth hormones working in the body. In this state, the peptide is typically bound by a protein called IGF-BP. These proteins are what regulate the insulin your body receives.

While IGF-1 is created in our bodies throughout our lifetimes, it tends to peak during puberty with the lower parts of the bell being in our infancy and old age. So, what does MGF have anything to do with all of this?

Improvements on Peptides

When it comes to the effectiveness of peptides, researchers are commonly looking for ways to enhance their ability. A lot of the time, this means taking the amino acid chains apart and dissecting them until the perfect peptide is isolated. This is where variants come from such as IGF-1, IGF-DES, and so many others like MGF.

While IGF-1 has the ability to produce many sought after benefits, MGF is an improvement on one of the most prominent of them. What’s that? It’s MGF’s ability to stimulate satellite cells back into the cell cycle. This then creates proliferation which results in brand new muscle cells. For those dealing with injured fibers, this means those fibers are replaced and the muscle’s strength renewed.

Some new evidence around the use of MGF has also proven its ability to supply neuroprotective abilities most commonly caused by ischemia caused in the brain. Its effects being heralded as more effective than even IGF-1.

MGF Uses in Sports & Medicine

Now, let’s talk bodybuilding and other weightlifting sports. As these sports gain more traction in the mainstream by both men and women alike. It can become problematic for those that are just starting out to understand proper form while lifting. Things like this can result in injury. So how does one account for this? By understanding to things, prevention, and treatment.

Of course, the best method to take care of injury is to not get one in the first place. This can be easily resolved by understanding and receiving some form of training. That way, you won’t end up lifting the weights in the wrong way causing problems for your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. However, even some of the best athletes competing in competition are felled by injury.

That is where treatment comes into play. Now, while in most cases, the best two peptides for muscle and soft tissue injuries are BPC-157 and TB-500. It can be argued that MGF may be able to assist as well. Mainly through its ability to promote new cell creation for muscles.

But how can this help in the medical field? Well, as noted previously. Mechano growth factor derives from the more common peptide IGF-1. It has many of its predecessor and can therefore do many things for the body.

I Don’t Have an Injury

Now, if you don’t have any injury to bear, MGF can still be beneficial to you. Many studies have shown that MGF is able to increase muscle. In most cases, this has to do with its ability to specifically tailor satellite cells back into cell proliferation. Therefore, if you are simply looking for a way to gain muscle without experiencing damaging effects of things like anabolic androgenic steroids, then the peptide, MGF may be exactly what is needed.

Where Can I Find MGF?

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