Effectively Bulk Up: Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Many people believe that bulking up can be done quickly. So much so that most bulking articles use this as their tagline. But what is myth and what is real? Is it  really possible to bulk up that fast? How do you even start the process? Whether you’re new to the idea of bulking or have been using bulking and cutting cycles for years. There is something for everyone in this article. Who knows, some of the ideals may even surprise you.

Bulking Up Bust

While there are ways to maximize your muscle gain while in a bulking cycle. Gaining an obscene amount of muscle in a short span of time just isn’t feasible. What does that mean exactly? It means, don’t expect to gain 15 pounds of muscle in just a month’s time. What can you expect to gain in that span? In most cases, a leaner person can expect to gain around 2 to 4 pounds of muscle in a month. Where those on the heavier side typically gain between 4 and 8 pounds of muscle per month. 

One thing you could do to monitor your muscle and weight gain is to monitor any weight gain you’re experiencing during your bulk. This will ensure you’re eating the correct amount of calories without overeating and gaining too much weight at a time. Why does this matter? The faster you gain weight, the less optimal your muscle growth will be. Not to mention you’ll end up gaining more fat in that case as well.

How to Bulk Correctly

In order to start your bulking up cycle you’ll want to follow a few key rules. The first, bulk up from a lean state. In most cases, this can be accomplished by starting a bulk cycle after completing a cutting cycle.

Best case scenario, you’ll want your body fat levels to be around 10% for men and around 16% for women. Typically you could get away with it as long as it’s close to that percentage. Why do you want to start with a lower fat percentage? Because, by doing so, your body will want to use the calories you’re eating as a way to fuel your training rather than storing it as fat.

More Calories 

Something that may seem counterintuitive to the whole idea of bulking up and gaining muscle is an increase to calories. Why do you need to eat more calories? Because the most effective way to support muscle growth is to eat more than you burn off. It’s the age-old idea, in order to lose weight you create a caloric deficit. Therefore, in order to gain muscle and weight, you need to eat more than you expend. 

The big difference between eating whatever and eating to bulk up is watching what you eat. Just because you can eat that slice of cake doesn’t mean it’s the best caloric source for you. The goal is to eat at a rate in which your body will gain muscle. And eat foods that are good for your body as well so you get the right fuel.

Another way to do this is to slowly increase your caloric intake over the course of your bulk up. This will help you avoid eating too much and gaining fat instead of muscle. The other part of this eating equation is the intake of protein. You’ll want to be sure to eat 1 gram of protein for each pound you weigh. This means that for a 200lb man, 200 grams of protein are necessary during a bulking cycle.

Protein is a pivotal part of the process because it aids with the recovery of your muscles as well as your ability to build muscle in the first place.

Training to Bulk Up

So you’ve gotten this far and you now know two secrets to bulking up better. But what about training? In the case of training, one of the best ways to increase muscle is to increase your training. This doesn’t mean that you add more to your already existing program. This means that rather than training for 3 days at an hour each time, you train for 5 days at 30 minutes a session.

This gives your body time to recover and build muscle in between training and doesn’t put nearly as much stress on your body. Just make sure that you’re eating enough carbohydrates to fuel your workouts.

Not only that, you’ll want to include a variety of different exercises in your routine as well. This will ensure you’re not putting too much stress on one specific muscle group. Which then helps to prevent injury. 

Problems Leaning Out

But what if you’re having problems losing the stubborn fat to get you into the right percentages? Their are many different supplements that can help with that. However, if you want less of the negatives and more of the positives. You may want to take a look at peptides. 

More specifically, the peptide called HCG. This particular peptide is typically used during the beginning phases of diet changes because it curbs your hunger pangs during the day. So rather than focusing on the donut in the breakroom you can focus on losing that extra fat to lean out and get ready for your bulk.

Paradigm Peptides for Bulking Up

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