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If you’ve ever experienced muscle pain to any degree, you’ll know that it is not something to play with. That’s why in this article we’ll go through the main reasons for muscle aches and pains and how to provide yourself muscle pain relief.

Muscle Aches Explained

Everyone has experienced muscle aches at some point in their life. These muscle aches are known as myalgia and are a very common occurrence. Normal muscle mass ranges for women fall somewhere between 63% and 73% throughout your lifetime. For men, these numbers range from 75% to 89% in your prime. In either sense, you can see why muscle aches are so common.

Of course, while they are common there isn’t a one size fits all diagnosis when it comes to what causes the pains nor what aids in the muscle pain relief. Not to worry, we’ll go through the most common reasons. That you can get a general idea of what’s causing it and how to get rid of it.

Common Causes of Muscle Pain

More often than not, muscle aches and pains are caused from stress, tension, or overly excessive physical activity. This could look like muscle tension in one or many areas of the body at once, overuse of a single or multiple muscle groups while exercising, or even injury to your muscle because of a specific activity you’re doing.

Should You See a Doctor?

While common, causes could mean an underlying condition. So, if you feel as though the condition isn’t getting better or is getting worse you may want to talk to your doctor. Several conditions can be causing your muscle aches and pains. Here are just a few examples:

  • Fibromyalgia
    • It is typically characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and is typically thought to affect the way your brain and spinal cord process both painful and non-painful signals.
    • Other symptoms include fatigue as well as sleep, memory, or mood changes.
  • Hypokalemia
    • A metabolic imbalance where you’ll experience extremely low potassium in the blood.
    • Typically characterized by muscle weakness
  • Lupus
    • Is able to affect the joints, skin, brain, heart, blood cells, and lungs.
    • Common symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, rash, and fever.
  • Dermatomyositis
    • Is an uncommon inflammatory disease with muscle weakness and skin rashes being its most prominent symptoms.
    • Typically occurs in your late 40s through early 60s.
  • Polymyositis
    • Another uncommon inflammatory disease causing muscle weaknesses throughout both sides of the body.
    • Can affect daily activities such as climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, or even lifting objects.

Taking Care of Muscle Pain Relief at Home

Of course, if you don’t have any of these underlying conditions taking care of your muscle pain relief at home can be simple. Typically muscle aches and pains respond well to at home treatments. Here are some ideas for how you can help your body heal from the pain.

First off, if you’ve identified the area that is hurting, try to reduce the amount of time you are straining it. For example, if you’ve tweaked your knee and are feeling pain in the kneecap, raise your leg up on some pillows. In other words, take a load off. Rest and recovery are key to muscle pain relief.

If you’re still dealing with pain, or it’s affecting your day to day activity, you could also try taking an over the counter pain reliever. This could be in the form of Tylenol, Advil, or Ibuprofen.

If all else fails or you notice that the area is swelling then ice may be the answer you’re looking for. It works to reduce inflammation as well as relieve the pain in the affected area.

Other Options for Muscle Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing muscle pain in a more manageable sense, you could try stretching the muscle gentle. However, if it begins to cause more muscle pain than muscle pain relief then you’ll want to stop this activity.

Other guidelines may include avoiding any kind of strenuous activity until after your muscle pain resolves. You really just want to give your body time to rest and recuperate from whatever caused the pain to begin with. One final option you may want to try is yoga as this is known to help with stiff or sore muscles. It helps by stretching the muscles gently which can also prevent future pains as well.

Supplements for Muscle Pain Relief

When all else fails, there are supplements that you can take to help relieve pain. Two of the most common include peptides such as BPC 157 or TB 500, and CBD products. How can peptides help? Simple, by using injectable peptides, you are quickly introducing them to the body. In the case of BPC 157 benefits it enters the body and immediately starts to help reduce inflammation and aids with healing.

Now, as for CBD oils or even capsules, these products tend to relax your muscles and body. However, unlike other products such as marijuana, CBD typically either contains very small amounts of THC or none at all. This means that you won’t have to worry about the psychoactive side effects.

Regardless of if you decide to try the typical route of muscle pain relief with ice and rest, take anti-inflammatory pills, or use supplements to relieve your pain. Knowing where to buy the right stuff is always a good measure to take.

Paradigm Peptides for Muscle Pain Relief

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