The Blood Type Diet: Eating Right for Your Blood Type

If you’re like most, the word diet can be a fairly intimidating word. But in reality all it means is your way of eating. That could mean anything from eating a 100% vegetarian diet to eating a carnivore diet and everything in between. But what if you decide to take advantage of the blood type diet?

What is the Blood Type Diet?

The blood type diet or blood group diet became popular in 1996 by the naturopath physician Peter D’Adamo. D’Adamo wrote his New York Times Best seller Eat Right 4 Your Type and sold dozens of copies. Everyone literally ate it up. Why? Because blood type dieting was the new thing. But what is blood type dieting?

Essentially everyone is born with a blood type, be that A, B, AB, or O. D’Adamo claimed that each type has specific genetic traits that connect us to our ancestors from what they did to how they ate. The idea of eating for your blood type is not completely uncalled for and most of the diet changes are actually really good for you.

Why? Because instead of turning to the traditional “western” way of eating, the foods considered for each blood type are more wholesome and healthier.

Lectins Causing Concerns?

Lectins are the real culprit here. What are lectins? They’re a protein that has been linked with the blood type diet theory. So, what’s the theory? In more general terms, if a person is eating foods that aren’t meant for their specific blood type, they are more than likely eating the wrong lectins. In doing so, they may actually be causing problems such as the clumping of red blood cells.

Different Blood Types

There are four main types of blood. Those four include A, B, AB, and O. These four can also be broken down further into positive and negative. But what does that mean for you anyways? The blood types are determined by either the presence or absence of various antigens. It’s almost as if we’re all taking part in the sorting hat ritual at Hogwarts. But instead of being sorted into a house, we’re sorted into a blood type and under a specific name for your diet. Those four groups include the cultivators, nomads, enigmas, and hunters. Interested to see where you’ll be sorted?

A Blood Type

In the A blood type group, individuals tend to have only A antigens on red blood cells and only B in their plasma. If you’re in the A type, according to D’Adamo you’re in the cultivator group of foods to eat. This means that you’d want to focus on eating mostly if not completely a plant based diet and avoid red meats.

B Blood Type

B blood types are pretty much the exact opposite of A blood types. In that you’ll have B antigens on the red blood cells and A antigens in the plasma. If you think back to your history and even science lessons in primary school, you’ll remember the term nomads. That is what the B blood group is called. If you’re a B group member, you’ll want to eat meats but exclude chicken and pork. You’ll also want to eat a good number of vegetables but avoid things like wheat and corn.

AB Blood Type

If you’re in the AB family, this means that you have both A and B antigens on your red blood cells, whereas your plasma contains neither A nor B antigens. If you’re in the AB blood type then you’re in the enigma. If you’re in this group its generally safe to eat things like seafood, dairy, beans, and grains. However, there are still some foods to be weary of and those include corn, beef, and chicken.

O Blood Type

Last but not least, the O blood type. Neither your red blood cells or plasma have A or B antigens. If you’re in this group and are looking to join in on the blood type diet, then you are a hunter. Those in the O type tend to thrive on a high protein diet of fish, meat, and poultry with a mix of fruits and vegetables.

Generally speaking, eating grains in any group can be a hit or miss if you’re following the blood type diet with the same being true of the dairy products you’re consuming.

Beneficial Supplements

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