Pros & Cons: When Becoming “That Girl” is Your Goal

When following any kind of social media, it is hard to miss the newest fitness trends. This is not including the “that girl” trend. A trend that shows how women thrive and become healthier, more well rounded versions of themselves. Do you want to become the next “that girl”? Read along to find out if the pros outweigh the cons and whether it’s worth going for the “that girl” status.

What is the “That Girl” Trend?

The “that girl” trend has taken social media by storm within the last few months. And when we say it’s taken social media by storm, you’ll often see it on everything from Instagram to TikTok and YouTube. But what is the trend and why is it so important now? It’s a trend where the ‘it girl’s’ and ‘influencers’ give you little snippets of their days. The original goal for the trend is to raise awareness on living your best life. 

It is often depicted as getting up extremely early, making your bed, drinking some kind of green drink and going about your day. Which for many can be inspiration and push to want to be
“that girl”.  However, there are pros and cons to this as with any good trend. 

Is it Toxic?

If you’ve ever watched these video snippets, they are entrancing. In most cases, they are described as being straight from Pinterest boards. Which is ironic, because while this is good aesthetically, the idea of fitspo and other inspirational content can often lead a person to feel lesser of themselves. And let’s face it, we’ve all been there and felt that. 

But you’re probably asking yourself, what’s so toxic about wanting a better healthier life? In essence, what’s wrong with being “that girl”? While there’s nothing wrong with being “that girl”, oftentimes being that person is not as aesthetic. Working out is not always pretty, eating healthy doesn’t always mean having a meal perfectly orchestrated, and there are definitely times where making your bed is probably the hardest task of the day. 

Showing the messier side with the more aesthetic side may be the answer to the toxicity. However, not many people will do it just because of sheer fear of losing followers. Of course, even with the level of toxicity around this trend, there are many good takeaways from it that you can start to include in your own life to improve your health and wellness.

Benefits to Take Away from “That Girl”

Even though there are some negatives that come from the “that girl” trend, some good can come from it. Of course, everyone will be different and everyone will require something different to a certain degree. Here are a few takeaways that you can take and adapt for yourself. 

Waking Up Earlier

While waking up earlier than you normally would sounds like a complete drag, you may find that over time it becomes an all encompassing good habit to have for your health. For starters, nearly a quarter of those that live in the United States often skip breakfast in order to get more shut eye. Instead trading their healthy breakfast for a cup of coffee. Often this results in binging on take out or fast food later in the day. However, by waking up just a little earlier you can give your body the healthy foods it needs to jump start your day. 


A happy side effect of waking up early is that you get some time to yourself. And although it may sound like a broken record, meditation is very important for mental health. Whether you’re working to be “that girl” or just want to improve your quality of life. What is meditation? It’s basically your time to tell your brain to shut up and for you to just relax and embrace the quiet. 

For many, this is easier said than done. Especially when your brain is going every day, every hour, every second. So how do you  begin? Start by meditating in whatever position is comfortable for you. If sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat with perfect posture isn’t your thing. Try laying down instead.

One other thing to mention is that meditation does not happen overnight. This is why it is often referred to as a practice. Therefore, if you’re new to it, maybe start with 5 minutes a day and then slowly increase that amount as you get more in tune with how it works. There is nothing more important than decompressing away from screens, social media, and other distractions. Not only does this time of meditation help you decompress, it also has the ability to improve your memory and creativity when done consistently. 


The all encompassing end all be all for any “that girl” aspirations. The ‘perfect’ body. But in reality, that shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal should be to become better through exercise. Meaning that instead of working out to get a smoking hot summer body or some other end goal. You should pay more attention to your short term achievements. Not only does this give you continual motivation, it also keeps you focused on your journey instead of the end product. That can then translate into a continuation of this lifestyle change even once you’ve achieved your “that girl” body.

Supplements for Lifestyle Change

As with most things, having the right supplements along your journey can help you stick to and achieve milestones. Whether that means taking supplements like tesamorelin, a peptide for those hell bent on beautifully sculpted abs. Or if it means improving your mental clarity with things like nootropics

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