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Your bones, much like your muscles, tendons, and ligaments play a huge roll in several areas of health. For one, having continued bone strength means continued mobility. But how does one maintain bone health? Well, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or meat eater there are ways to ensure your bones stay healthy which means a happier, healthier you.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Bone Health

There are countless ways to ensure your bone health is in its prime. The most common ways to ensure your bones are in tip top shape are below. But why make sure you maintain bone health in the first place? Because, as we age, our mobility can take a hit. Whether that hit is from bone conditions such as osteoporosis or a simple broken bone. We don’t heal as quickly as we did when we were teenagers. Therefore, muscle and bone health and mobility become increasingly important to maintain as we age.

Strength Training

Bone health is not only attributable to the things you put in your body, but also the movements you partake in as well. Doing specific forms of exercise can help build and maintain overall bone health. Typically, the best exercises for this form of health is weighted or high impact exercises.

That of course, refers to things like strength training exercises such as squats, pushups, plank, deadlifts, and rows. Many of which can be done with sheer body weight, or you can add in actual weights for more of a resistance.

Vegetables & Protein

How can vegetables help? Well, they can help as they do in many aspects of health and wellness. For starters, they are probably one of the best ways to get your vitamin C in. Why vitamin C and not other vitamins? Well, vitamin C helps promote the production of cells that contribute to bone formation. Not only that, there is actually a study that proposes that vitamin C may also protect existing bone cells from damage. What kind of vegetables should you focus on for bone health? Typically, a high intake of greens and even some yellow vegetables like bell peppers is the way to go. These vegetables help with bone mineralization and helps maintain bone health in adults.

Of course, vegetables alone are not the answer. You’ll also want to increase the amount of protein you take in as well. Why? Because around 50% of our bones are made up of protein. Not only that, low protein intake is linked to low calcium absorption. So how much protein should you have daily? The normal amount is around 100 grams. Keep in mind you’ll still want to balance this out within your diet.

Calcium, Vitamin D, & Vitamin K

It’s drilled into our heads from childhood and through adulthood. Calcium needs to be consumed because it creates healthy bones. And happy bones mean a happy person because you’re less likely to deal with a crippling injury. It is the main mineral found in bones. Our bodies themselves tend to break down old bone cells and replace them with new ones, so it’s important to consume around 1,000mg to 1,300mg of calcium in a day.

Of course, along with calcium and vitamin C, vitamin D and K are also important to the maintenance of bone health. Why does vitamin D play such a huge role? Because it is the vitamin that helps your body absorb more calcium. The lower the amount of vitamin D, the more likely you are to develop bone conditions such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. A daily intake of around 2,000IU seems to do the trick at keeping your bones healthy.

As for our last vitamin on the list, vitamin K, it works to modify osteocalcin which is yet another bone forming protein. It enables the osteocalcin to bind minerals on bones. This in turn keeps the bones from losing out on calcium.

Collagen & Other Bone Supplements

Collagen is not necessarily the first supplement that comes to mind with bone health but believe it or not, there is actual evidence that it can help protect your bones. As mentioned before, you’ll want to increase your protein intake and collagen just happens to be the main protein found in bones. Of course, research into collagen as a way to improve bone health is still new and most of the studies tend to focus on joint conditions instead of bones themselves. However, that isn’t to say your should count it out completely.

Of course, there are always other supplements outside of the normal few that can also improve your bone health among other things. One such supplement is the peptide ipamorelin. Not only is it good for muscle gain and fast recovery, it also has the ability to improve your skin and increase your bone strength. To learn more about the supplement and buy yours today, click here.

The Big No-No: Low Calorie Diets

As with many things that are not good for your health, let alone bone health. Reducing your caloric intake drastically is not a good idea per say. Not only does it reduce your metabolisms abilities, it creates something called rebound hunger and typically results in the loss of muscle and bone mass. For example, a diet of less than 1,000 calories a day lowers bone density across the entire spectrum of body types. The lowest recommended calorie intake per day should be around 1,200 and should also include the components mentioned above.

Bone Health with Paradigm Peptides

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