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Sleep is pivotal for many functions that your body and mind need to partake in on a daily basis. For example, say you did a strenuous workout, and your body needs to recover. This recovery happens while you sleep. So, when you get very little or restless sleep your body cannot properly recover. So how can you improve sleep quality? There are many avenues to take. But first, you’ll want to rule out any sleep conditions that may be the root cause. Then you can more effectively work to improve sleep quality.

How to Improve Sleep

While there is no sure fire way to improve sleep overnight. There are things that you can implement to reduce the chances of irregular sleep patterns.

Bright Light Exposure

Our bodies are amazingly robotic in the fact that our hormones regulate everything from the muscle we make the type of sleep we get. Whether that sleep is restful or restless depends more on our day to day living. We have an internal clock that tells us when to be awake and when to go to bed. It is known as the circadian rhythm. That rhythm is tasked with keeping our minds and bodies awake during the daytime hours and tell our bodies to sleep when night falls.

So, what does bright light exposure do to improve sleep? Well, natural light or bright light exposure during the day gives our body the cue it needs to be awake. Not only that, light has a way to improve mood as well. In one study, those that suffer from things like depression saw improvements when bright light therapies were involved. And while you may think that depression has nothing to do with sleep. It actually does. When our bodies are put under innumerable amounts of stress you’re more likely to see depression or anxiety take root. Stress can be caused by many things with a restless night of sleep being one of these causes.

Overall, bright light can benefit individuals by increasing the amount of sleep a person gets at night. Of course, this is all during daytime hours that you’ll want to work in bright light.

Decreasing Blue Light

In contrast to our bright light needs during the day. More ombre lighting is needed at night. This means a decrease in blue light. The good news is that our phones and things have blue light filters so we can easily set them to have a more “yellow” screen. However, don’t be fooled by these filters. Increased screen times tend to do the opposite of improve sleep.

But what does blue light have anything to do with your sleep? It’s simple really. The sun tends to be on the “blue light” spectrum. This is what makes you stay awake during the day. So, when your mind and body see blue light it immediately goes into the need to be awake.

Therefore, when you reduce the amount of blue light in the evening hours you’re more likely to keep your circadian rhythm intact and be able to go to sleep and get more restful sleep easily.


I know, I know. So many people rely on caffeine these days that this one can be pretty difficult. Especially if you’re to the point of drinking coffee just for the taste. Caffeine can easily become an addiction. Take it from someone that was up to several cups of coffee just out of habit.

Not to say caffeine doesn’t have its benefits. I mean, after all it does enhance focus and energy. That’s probably why most 9 to 5 workers use it as a pick-me-up when they hit a slump.

Of course, we’re not saying you have to completely eliminate coffee or other caffeinated beverages from your daily routine. That would be an insane suggestion. Instead, we’re saying to reduce the amount of caffeine in the afternoon and evening hours.

Caffeine can essentially stay in your system for around six hours if not a little more. That means that if you were to drink your favored caffeinated beverage at say 3:00PM you’d have caffeine in your system until around 9:00PM or even 10:00PM.

Now, if you absolutely must have coffee if not for anything other than the taste, then shoot for the decaf varieties. This will get you through the evening hours and you’re more likely to improve sleep because of it.

Naps & A Set Sleep Schedule

While naps can be beneficial in some situations, you should try to make it less of a habit if you’re trying to improve sleep. This is because elongated naps during the day can really mess with your circadian rhythm. They tend to mess with your internal clock which can make it harder for you to sleep at night when you’re supposed to.

So, what can you do instead of taking super long naps during the day? When you’re feeling tired or sluggish instead of reaching for the next caffeinated beverage, take a 10 to 15 minute power nap. Make sure that you only sleep for that duration, and you’ll wake up your second wind of the day.

As for your normal routine, setting a sleep schedule may be your next step. I know this sounds very much like treating yourself like a child. However, it can be a much needed phase to improve sleep quality.

Think of your circadian rhythm as a never ending cycle. If you wake up and sleep at the same time during that cycle you’re ultimately working to improve your sleep quality ten fold and you’re more likely to wake up refreshed.

Supplements to Improve Sleep

There are many sleep supplements available on the market, none more pushed to the public than melatonin. But is it really the best supplement to take and is there a better option? Read on to find out.

Melatonin Debunked

The answer on whether or not melatonin is the best for sleep is up for debate. Why is that? Well, the truth is, it can help you go to sleep but that’s where it’s mystical powers end. Once asleep there is currently no proof that it improves your overall quality of sleep. The good news is that with melatonin there aren’t many negative side effects. However, other natural supplements exist that can also help with the goal to improve sleep.


What on earth is sermorelin? It is a peptide, not to be confused with proteins. Peptides in the scientific sense, are chains of amino acids. These chains don’t exceed fifty aminos which deems them peptides. They naturally occur within the body. However, as we age, they start to phase out and are produced less.

As for the synthetic variation of sermorelin, you can actually expect more than just improved sleep quality. It can do things like improving your endurance and energy as well as give you mental clarity. You can check it out here and learn much more on what it can do for you.

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Use Paradigm Peptides to Improve Sleep

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