Understanding the Root Cause & How to Improve Memory

When you think of what it means to you and if you really need help to improve memory. You probably have flashes of different experiences throughout your life. These can be good and bad experiences. However, your brain filed them away as something that would be useful at a later date. For example, say you touched a burner on the stove as a child. Now, you know that touching said burner would result in some pretty gnarly burns. Therefore, you don’t touch them.

Why is Memory Important?

What about when you really need to remember something for an exam or test you’re taking? There’s that old saying that our mind work 24/7, 365 days a year. The only exception is when we need it to actually work (i.e., recalling information while taking an exam or doing a speech). This is typically why people are looking for ways to improve memory. Our memories are what keep us growing and evolving as a species. So, what happens when it’s not working properly.

Reasons for Memory Issues

There are several reasons that can cause lapses in memory. This means that before we get into ways to improve your memory, we need to know the root cause.


Believe it or not, the medications you are taking may actually be causing your lapses in memory. In most cases, this information can be found in the pamphlet that comes with your medications. However, who actually reads that information? Not many, most just toss it. So, what are some medications that can cause memory issues?

In most cases, antidepressants, antihistamines, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills and pain medications are the likely culprit. However, this isn’t to say that you should stop taking your medications. Instead, perhaps next time you get your pamphlet read up on your specific medication. Even ask the pharmacist or your doctor if they’re affecting your mind negatively and whether or not there are other options instead. Find out whether there are other ways to improve memory even if you still need to take those medications.

Alcohol & Smoking

Any kind of alcohol or drug use can effectively mess with your head. After all, cigarettes are considered a stimulant and alcohol a depressant. Of course, we’re not saying that you have to fully give up your alcohol all together in order to find ways to improve memory. However, it may be something to consider as what the root cause of your memory issues is.

Lack of Sleep

Two things factor into your memory when it comes to sleep. Those two things include the amount of time you sleep and the quality of said sleep. For example, even if you’re getting eight hours of sleep, if it isn’t restful you’re not doing yourself any favors. By waking multiple times throughout the night, you are losing out on sleep which can then lead to fatigue. All of this ends up causing problems for consolidating and retrieving the memories from the day.

Depression & Anxiety

Not sure about you, but when stress and anxiety hit hard it can be really hard to focus on any given thing. When this happens, it can impact your memory. Something else that can contribute to this is the fact that when you’re anxiety driven or stressed it can mean overstimulation. In this case it’s not a good thing for memory. It can actually cause problems for your overall recall. But don’t worry there are still ways to improve memory even if dealing with stress and anxiety.

Lack of Nutritional Health

If you’re someone that downs fast food every day and doesn’t have a balanced diet then this is for you. It is true, your diet affects your memory retention. This means that you’ll want to focus on things like including proteins and fats that help your mind. Something else that may be a kicker is a lack of vitamins B1 and B12 in your system.

Granted, these few are just the type of the iceberg and there are countless reasons that your memory can be affected negatively. But how can you improve it?

Ways to Improve Memory

Just as there are many variations of how memory problems can occur, there are also ways to improve memory. Here is a short list of things you can do in order to better your memory retention. Not only that, all of the items listed below can also help with overall health as well.

Eating Less Sugar

For all of the sweet treat lovers out there, sugar is an unfortunate culprit to cognitive decline. But this sad truth is the reason you may want to cut back on it. A diet completely devoted to sugar intake can cause two things when it comes to cognition. The first is self-explanatory and is poor memory. The second is the reduction of size when it comes to your short-term memory stores.

The good things is that by cutting back on sugar doesn’t just contribute to the ways to improve memory. It also improves overall health as well.


Granted, meditation may not be the answer for everyone but there are actually many benefits outside of cognition that you can benefit from. Meditation for starters improves your relaxation and reduces stress. Less stress means that you aren’t constantly in a fight or flight mindset. Not only that, it can also lower blood pressure and increase grey matter in the brain. Increasing grey matter is a good thing since it contains neuron cell bodies.

Obviously, if you are new to meditation you don’t have to try to force yourself through an hour a day or something crazy like that. Honestly, just taking five, ten, or even fifteen minutes a day can help. It gives your mind a second to “shut off”.

If you’re like many, you’ll want to start off with guided meditations as these help with breathing techniques that are beneficial.


To be completely honest, the mattress makes the sleep experience. If you have the wrong mattress you’re probably that person that tosses and turns all night. So first off, if your mattress is not the right one for you, you’ll want to look into getting a different one. However, not everyone has the extra cash just sitting around for a new mattress which is why mattress pads and toppers can also help.

The thing about sleep is that’s when your mind does most of its work with what you saw that day. So dealing with sleep deprivation or restless sleep can cause memory issues. Overall, you’ll want to aim for eight or nine hours of sleep each night.

Believe it or not, there are supplements out there that can actually improve your quality of sleep. One such supplement is MK 677. Individuals that took part in a study with this SARM actually saw improved sleep which then allowed their minds the time to improve memory retention.

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