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There is no such thing as a one size fits all kind of diet when it comes to weight loss. It virtually doesn’t exists. That’s why so many different diet complexes have been formed over the years. Think about it for a second. Your friend goes on a strict keto 25 gram carb per day diet and loses 10 pounds in 2 weeks no problem. But God forbid she eats pasta on a date night. That weight comes crashing back on like a mound of bricks. Why? Because her body wasn’t getting what it needed.

Different Diets for Different People

One of the key things to ask yourself when choosing the right diet for weight loss is, can I sustain this? And is this a lifestyle change that I can stick with? Because if your answer is no to either one of these questions then its not the right fit for you. Now, if you answered yes, then yay for you! You’re on your way to becoming a better healthier self.

Just keep in mind that no matter which diet you choose, you’ll want to still maintain a healthy balance between your macros. Your macronutrients are essential for helping you function on a day to day basis and include carbs, fats, and protein. Each diet is a little different and so each balance is a bit different as well.

An Overview of Different Weight Loss Diets

When it comes to weight loss, let alone diet based weight loss you need to know what you’re working with before implementing it. This way you’re not spending your first two weeks starving yourself because you don’t know what is okay and what’s not. Some of the most common weight loss diets are listed below along with some general ideas of what you can eat to get yourself started.

Plant Based

In the most basic terms, a plant based diet is either mostly or completely based on eating plant based foods. Surprise, surprise. This means that you’re essentially becoming a vegetarian, which is by no means a bad thing. In reality, by eating plant based foods you’re less likely to deal with excess fat consumption. How so? Well, when you eat meat based foods, you end up getting the fats from that meat as well as its sources of protein.

However, when you cut out that middleman (i.e., that quarter pound burger), then you’re essentially cutting out the excess fat and giving your body a purer form of protein. Which also helps with weight loss and your overall cholesterol levels.

Food choices for those on a plant based weight loss diet are pretty straight forward. You’ll want to stick to vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds. Just bear in mind that certain grains are more weight loss friendly than others.

Intermittent Fasting

Another option for those looking for sustainable weight loss options is the intermittent fasting lifestyle change. This variation of ‘dieting’ is actually more beneficial for men than it is for women. This is because, women need to maintain a certain amount of fat in order to maintain balance. But what is it and can you still do it as a woman?

For starters, it is not necessarily a diet as much as it is an eating schedule. Those that partake in intermittent fasting for weight loss often eat within a certain time window and then abstain from eating for the other time slotted out. The most common variation of this is the 16:8. This is the window typically associated for men. Now, as a woman you can still intermittent fast but rather than immediately jumping into the 16:8 mindset, you may want to work your way to it.

This means that you’ll probably want to start at the reverse, 8:16 then maybe work your way to 12:12, before finally ending at the 16:8. What those numbers really mean is that you’re fasting for eight hours then eating for 16 or you’re fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8.

Either way the first number is typically the amount of time you’re fasting for. The second number is your eating window. And when we say eating window this doesn’t mean that you have to be shoving food in your face for that whole time frame.

Low-Carb (Keto)

For many individuals, the keto diet has been life changing and it’s not all negatives either. There are several variations of the keto diet that those searching for weight loss can actually use. There are three common forms that currently exists. The first is the strict keto.

This is the diet that keeps you under 20 net grams of carbs per day. You’re also going to need to monitor your calorie intake like a hawk under this variation as well. While this works, if you’re not strict to the given guidelines then gaining the weight back is almost a given.

The second variation is deemed the lazy keto. While this variation the low carb weight loss diet is less restrictive, it still has some points to keep an eye on. You’re still supposed to stay under the 20net grams of carbs each day. However, you’re not as focused on calories or the other two macros as with the strict variation. It’s still a relatively clean diet at this point. Meaning you’re not really supposed to eat processed foods.

The third and final area of this weight loss diet is the dirty keto. This is where as long as you stay under the 20 net grams of carbs you’re a-okay. Meaning that if you wanted to you could eat all the processed foods you want. As long as you don’t consume more than the 20 grams. Macros are also a key factor to keep an eye on with this variation. You’ll want to balance them as much as humanly possible.

Supplements to Aid Weight Loss

Keep in mind that if your overall goal is weight loss and muscle gain, no diet can do that on its own. You’ll more than likely have to implement an exercise routine as well as take supplements. Some of the best advice we can give is to make sure that you truly enjoy the workouts you’re doing. Why? Because you’re less likely to go back to it the next day if you didn’t have at least a little fun.

As for supplements, many exist out in today’s market. Most of them don’t aid with both weight loss and muscle gain at the same time. Now, if you take a look at the research chemical known as clenbuterol, it can do both at the same time. When taking it, you’ll experience things like an increased metabolism for faster fat burn as well as increased muscle strength and performance.

Weight Loss with Paradigm Peptides

Whether you are new to supplements or have worked with them before, making sure you’re using the right ones makes all the difference. Especially when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals. That’s why here at Paradigm Peptides we provide you with stringently tested SARMs, peptides, and research chemicals. We ensure you’re getting the absolute best quality available by testing for purity, efficacy, and potency. That takes out the guess work for you and gives you a product you can rely on. So, what do you say? Are you ready to start your weight loss journey?