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When it comes to our health and immune systems, we can no longer cut corners. In today’s world, we need to ensure our bodies can handle whatever gets thrown at us. That’s why it comes as no surprise that peptides such as Thymosin Alpha 1 is in the spotlight. But what is this peptide and how can it help? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

What is Thymosin Alpha 1?

When it comes to Thymosin Alpha 1, you may or may not be surprised that it is actually derived from the protein Prothymosin Alpha. This is a highly acidic protein. In the earlier existence of this protein it was thought that it was a thymic factor. However, as time passed, it became known as a nuclear protein that’s actually required in the quick reproduction of cells. What does all of that have to do with the peptide? Well, it was the first fraction of Prothymosin Alpha to be completely synthesized and sequenced. It is a twenty eight amino acid chain and is tasked with the restoration of the immune system. This enables the body to better fight disease.

Steatosis and Thymosin Alpha 1

Steatosis is when there is an abnormal retention of fat in a cell or organ. Researchers wanted to know if Thymosin Alpha 1 would have any effect on this issue and thereby conducted an experiment with twenty four rats. The twenty four rats were at random divided into three groups. The three groups include a control, a purified diet, high fructose fed group, and a high fructose fed group that received the injections. The experiment concluded after a ten day period. For the rats in the purified diet group, their levels were significantly higher than the control group. However, upon looking at the group treated with the peptide, levels were significantly closer to those in the control. By the end of the study the treatment group saw a protection of liver cells with minimal macro- and micro-vesicular steatosis occurring.


Thymosin Alpha 1 is said to have a pleotropic effect. It is able to modulate the immune systems response as well as assist with inflammation. It does this by working with T-cells and the natural maturation of the killer cells. Stimulation of cytokine production also occurs with the use of Thymosin. Add this to the fact that it can treat disease like Lyme Disease, and you have a winning peptide. The only side effects known of are possible redness, swelling, or irritation at the injection site.

Thymosin Alpha 1 Dosage

When peptides are created, they tend to be broken down into crystalline form, also referred to as lipolyzed form. This allows for a safer transport of the peptides because they are more stable. Of course, this also means that you’ll either need bacteriostatic or sterile water to reconstitute them. Now depending on how much fluid you use to reconstitute your peptide; this will change how much you want to pull into your syringe when dosing.

The average dose of Thymosin Alpha 1 is 1.6mg twice a week. This means that in a 10mg vial that has been reconstituted with 1mL of bacteriostatic water, you’ll want to pull up to the 8th tick mark on your insulin syringe to get the right dose. Keep in mind that the amount of liquid you use to reconstitute your peptide will dictate how much you’ll need to pull into your syringe.  In other words, if you double the amount of liquid to 2mL you’ll need to pull up to the 16th tick mark and so on.

Too many people have found out the hard way that their immune systems are not up to snuff. Don’t let any illnesses catch you off guard, get your Thymosin Alpha 1 today and give your body the immune boosting power it needs.

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