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In the fitness and bodybuilding arenas, the SARMs stack is becoming something of a hot commodity. This practice is done when you use more than one SARM at a time. By combining the SARMs you then achieve the best possible outcomes for your body. However, only a few stacks have been proven to get the results their patrons are looking for.

Why Stack SARMs?

S23 is still relatively new to the fitness realm. However, it is gaining traction and coming to the forefront as one of the best SARMs to stack with things like RAD 140, MK 677, and even GW 501516. Each of the stacks below serve a different purpose so it is important to know which is the best SARMs stack for you.

Top 3 S23 SARMs Stacks

For starters, the internet is not kind to the women in the fitness and bodybuilding arena. I mean that to say dosing for men is relatively easy to find when looking for any form of SARMs doses or SARMs stack doses and cycle lengths. It becomes a bit more involved when you’re a woman looking to stack as well. That is why you’ll notice there are two sets of dosing protocols for each stack. This way whether male or female, you can still achieve your goals. Whether they be to cut back or bulk up.


Cutting in bodybuilding or fitness is exactly what it sounds like. It typically occurs when you’re trying to lose some extra weight. However, the goal is to still maintain muscle. So how do you achieve something like this? Well, typically you create a caloric deficit. This allows for your body to use extra energy stores so that you lose extra weight. Now, when it comes to maintaining muscle throughout this. That is where the SARMs stack comes into play. By maintaining a simple stack, you can still gain muscle and maintain it all while ditching the weight.


When it comes to the best SARMs stack for cutting, S23 is paired with a pretty straight forward SARM, GW 501516 also known as cardarine. This pairing is ideal because of what both products can accomplish individually. For example, GW 501516 is actually helpful in the arena of weight loss. One of the smaller scale studies on cardarine showed that food consumption was reduced in the monkey test subjects.

The best SARMs stack with GW 501516 and S23 is straight forward in terms of dosing. Cardarine is set to a max of 20mg per day while S23 is set to 30mg. Keep in mind that these doses are not taken all at once. Instead, you’ll want to take them in two separate doses throughout the day. In other words, you could take one dose of cardarine at 10mg and S23 at 15mg in the morning with breakfast, and the other with dinner at the same dosage. You’ll want to continue the cycle for a maximum of eight weeks. This will give you the best results.


First things first, if you are a woman looking to become pregnant or you are already pregnant than a SARMs stack of S23 and GW 501516 is not right for you at this point. However, if this does not apply to you then you can achieve similar weight loss and muscle tone goals as men.

The main differences come in the doses themselves. Rather than maintaining high doses of 20mg of cardarine and 30mg of S23, you’ll want to cut them in half. This would mean that for the SARMs stack you’ll be at 10mg for cardarine and 15mg for S23. Again, like the stack for men you’ll want to take these doses over the course of the day in two separate doses. This would mean taking 5mg of GW 501516 twice a day and 7.5mg of S23 twice a day. The length of the cycle stays the same in either situation.

Do I Need a PCT?

Whether taking steroids or SARMs the common question is whether or not you’ll need a post cycle therapy regimen. Although it’s not needed in many cases it is still highly recommended. This means that for the two weeks following your cutting cycle of S23 and GW 501516 you’ll want to complete a PCT just to help your body return to its normal levels without losing all the work you’ve done.


Unlike cutting, bulking is its exact opposite in a sense. This is the phase of bodybuilding or fitness where you want to gain muscle and really “bulk up”. This is typically accomplished by using an intense workout paired with a SARMs stack. In the case of S23 this would mean pairing it with RAD 140 and MK 677. Both of which are strong in their own rights. Shall we take a look at the best SARMs stack for bulking?


This stack is a bit more in depth than the one associated with cutting. That is because it is three SARMs stacked at once. So, you’ll really want to pay attention to the dosing. The common dosing for S23 is a third of what it was for the cutting stack. This means it’s at 10mg per day. MK 677 is the highest in terms of dosing for this SARMs stack at 20mg, with RAD 140 following at 10mg per day. This stack is again an eight weeklong cycle. If you’re wanting to ease yourself into the cycle then for the first week or so you could halve the doses, so your body has time to get used to them.


Again, much like the cutting SARMs stack, you’ll essentially want to halve the doses. This is actually a common practice when it comes to women dosing SARMs for themselves. That being said, it would bring your S23 down to 5mg, your RAD 140 down to 5mg, and your MK 677 down to 10mg. In any sense, the length of the cycle stays the same.

Do I Need a PCT?

Because this SARMs stack is one of the more potent varieties, you’ll want to complete a post cycle therapy regimen at the end of your eight week cycle. That way, much like the cutting stack you can still maintain the gains without losing anything you worked so hard for. The most common variations of PCTs for these types of situations are tamoxifen citrate also referred to as Nolvadex and clomiphene citrate or clomid.

Whether you are looking to S23 for bulking or cutting, it can do a great many things. But knowing the right doses and what to pair it with is just the first part of the equation. The second part is knowing where to get high quality SARMs so that you get the best results. We can help with that.

Stacking S23 at Paradigm Peptides

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