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Whether you are new to the fitness world or are a seasoned bodybuilder having the right workout routine is key to your success. In order to have a well rounded routine you’ll need to explore different types of workouts. That is where we can help. Read on to find out everything there is to know about three of the best workouts to having in your routine.

Why Are Different Types of Workout Important?

Having different types of workouts in your routine is pivotal to keep your muscles in a state of growth and not end up stagnant. What I mean by stagnant is that you end up hitting a plateau and are stuck there for some time. Instead, creating a variety and including these different workouts helps for you to keep growing and strengthening your body. However, if you don’t know these three workouts I am referring to, you should read on so that you too don’t end up in a plateau.

Three Different Types of Workouts to Include

Like I mentioned, there are three different types of workouts to include into your everyday routine. These three workouts are not necessarily alluding to cardio or weightlifting. They are actually alluding to the different variations available. These three include endurance training, strength training, and static stretching. Each one is vital to your overall health and wellness and should be included in your regimen to some degree.

Endurance Training

The first in this series of types of workouts is your endurance training. First off, let’s talk about why you need endurance training. Endurance training, or aerobic exercising helps you develop not only endurance but stamina. It focuses on aerobic exercises that can help strengthen both heart and lungs. The exercises can either be low or high intensity and focuses on the oxygen you take in while exercising.

You complete aerobic exercises by repeating a sequence of activities for a period of time. Some of these different types of workouts can include running, swimming, or even cycling. The who premise of the workout is to get your heart pumping at a healthy rate while also engaging your lungs.

Now if you’re not one for exerting yourself to extremes and don’t particularly love running or cycling then you may want to try something slower. I don’t mean to say that you completely eliminate the faster heart rate and hard working lungs. However, I am saying there are other ways to work these two organs in a less pounding manner. That is through aerobic exercises such as walking or swimming. Both of these are a slightly slower pace, and many people can take part in them.

Strength Training

The next variation in these types of workouts is strength training. It is also a form of resistance training for those that know it by that name. It’s a form of exercise that causes the muscles to contract because of external resistance. This can be through the use of barbells, dumbbells, or muscle building machines. However, it could also come from using resistance bands or your own body weight to work the different muscle groups.

When using exercises that constitute resistance training or strength training you’re essentially tearing the muscle. No, I don’t mean to say you’re literally causing yourself harm on purpose. Instead, it is the creation of tiny little tears that then allow the muscle to grow and repair itself while increasing strength. New muscle tissue develops creating a physique that is appealing and stronger.

Static Stretching

The final variation of these types of workouts is actually something that not many really give thought to but it’s already in part a piece of their workout. That type is static stretching. Believe it or not, like many other aspects of our health aging can cause problems with flexibility. As we age, our muscles tend to become more taut and less flexible than if we were younger. This can be the result of not stretching enough as well. That is why adding static stretching to your routine is so important.

By adding different static stretches you can do several things for yourself including adding a better range of motion and improving your joints. On the other side of this, static stretching can also do things like relaxing a person. This is because of cortisol levels being lowered throughout the body.

The best part of static stretching is that it can be performed either before or after your workout. That choice is completely your own. In doing these stretches you lengthen muscles and improve your flexibility. By stretching you also can reduce the chance of injury from your workouts as well.

Pairing Fitness Supplements & Training

A final thought before you leave and work on adding these three different types of workouts to your routine. Although adding these three types to your routine may help give you a well rounded regimen, you may want to think about supplements as well. For those looking for both endurance, stamina, and muscle growth you may want to try various SARMs such as SR 9009 Stenbolic found here. Or if you’re looking for a more natural approach to supplements you may try peptides. If that’s the case, then the combination of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin may be just the thing for you.

In either sense, knowing where to get the best supplements is the second part of this equation. One of the best places for these two variations being Paradigm Peptides. Don’t know much about us? Then read on to find out more.

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