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When it comes to studying, there are several ways a person can do them. On top of that, each person learns differently so its important to know of at least three variations to start so that you can find what fits you. That is exactly what these three study methods are. They are the start to your study journey. Read on to see if any of these three will work for you.

Top 3 Study Methods

Color Coded Notes

No matter if you’re scribbling furiously to keep up with the professor or your boss is rattling off things he or she wants you to do. Messy notes are not helpful when it comes to recalling the specific information you need.

There are two ways you can use the color coded note method as a study method. The first is that during class you can take your quick scribbly notes in one notebook and then once you’re done with class you can rewrite them neatly in another notebook and at that point color code them. The second is to write them and color code them from the beginning.

Either form works for you rather than against you. That is because you are organizing your information making it easier to learn and recall. Plus, if you’re in academia it helps you bring them more important points to the forefront instead of them getting lost in the mirage of notes.

The main thing when using this study method is to remember that you’re not trying to color absolutely everything. You’re only want to highlight important points.

Leitner System

Of course, color coding is not for everyone and maybe you need something more tangible as your study method. This could be found in the Leitner system of studying. What is that exactly? Well, you’ll need flash cards and some small boxes to put them in. If you’re crafty you can make the boxes; however, if you’re not crafty the dollar store has some pretty good stuff you could use as boxes.

The whole context of how this study method works is that you separate the flashcards into five boxes. Then once you have them all figured out you’ll study them on various days. So, for example, every day could be your box one. Then box two could be every two days, box three every four days and so on. The most typical is every day, every two days, every four days, every nine days, and every two weeks.

The way that you’ll succeed at this study method is by making sure that you’re constantly rotating your information. So, say you’re doing this for a science class, and you learn something new in a lecture once a week, the items you learn for that specific week would go into the everyday box and then everything would rotate into the next box for the two, four, nine, or two week span. That way you’re still reviewing necessary information but as you update you can start to filter out the old.

Feynman Technique

When it comes to the Feynman technique, it is one of the simpler concepts. In this method of study, your goal is to plainly explain something. This means in your own words. By doing so, it is said that you’ll be able to understand the concept more easily yourself and a lot faster too.

You could either do this with a colleague or sit and write it out. When you sit and write it out, you’ll want to start by having your topic at the top of the page. Then you’d start to explain the topic in your own words as written on the page. You don’t want to have the book open or any information around. This study method is specifically based off of your own understanding and knowledge.

Once you write it out, review the information and see if there are any parts where you were wrong or need correcting. Find out the correct answer so as to learn from the experience. Then go back to your writing again and if there are any specific words or jargon that the average person wouldn’t understand go back and simplify that.

Best Study Nootropics

If you want an edge to your memory and learning processes and have a hard time focusing even with a study method in place then maybe you need nootropics. What are those? They are substances that specifically work with your mind to help improve cognitive function. Several dozen nootropics exist; however, when it comes to studying there is one that tops the rest. That nootropic is noopept.


Noopept is the shortened name for the nootropic N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It is a prodrug which can help other compounds get absorbed and distributed in a specific manner. Of course, the part that is more useful to those that are studying is the fact that it can help with spatial memory. How can noopept help with this? Well, it actually restores our spatial memory and even increases serum antibody levels. It thereby helps by improving cognitive deficits. Not to mention it can even protect the mind from neurodegenerative diseases.

If studying isn’t enough on its own then maybe nootropics is what you need to get on top. But where can you get them and know they are top quality? That’s an easy answer. That place is Paradigm Peptides.

Paradigm Peptides for Noopept

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