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No matter who you are male or female, it is always possible to put your hormones in a state of imbalance. So, if you’ve experienced things like fatigue, hair loss, and irregular menstrual cycles then it may be worth taking a look at your estrogen and testosterone levels. The good news is that these things can be read through your typical blood test. Of course, fixing your levels that’s a whole other story. Read on to find out just what high estrogen level symptoms are and what they can mean for your body. Better yet, learn how estrogen blockers can help you get back to your every day life.

Experiencing High Estrogen Levels

Whether male or female, estrogen is an important hormone to keep in balance. But what is it and what does it do? Well, estrogen is commonly known as the female sex hormone but don’t let that fool you. It is present in both men and women with a certain degree of difference based on your sex. In complete honesty, the same is true of the male hormone testosterone. By keeping the body in balance between these male and female hormones, you do it wonders.

For women, estrogen tends to play a role in the menstrual cycle in addition to the overall reproductive system. For men, it is just an important hormone for sexual function itself. However, whether male or female you can develop high estrogen levels, and this can affect your health. Here are few guidelines for women and men who may be experiencing higher than normal estrogen levels that may need help from an estrogen blocker.

Causes of High Estrogen

When it comes to what causes high estrogen levels and a possible need for estrogen blockers, hormonal imbalance takes the cake. Whether you are male or female, you can still experience this issue. Sometimes this can be because of certain medications you’re on. This could include things like birth control for women, certain herbal or natural remedies commonly used as well as things like phenothiazines.

Another common denominator when it comes to high estrogen is genetics. Yes, it’s true. Higher estrogen levels can run in your family. In addition to this those that are obese or have ovarian tumors or liver disease may also see a spike.

Symptoms of High Estrogen

For women, typical symptoms of a higher than normal estrogen level include an irregular period with either light spotting or heavy bleeding, bloating, cold hands or feet, problems sleeping, hair loss, low sex drive and problems with memory, among others.  In contrast for men, you may end up with erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, and in some cases infertility all together.

Whether male or female, experiencing higher estrogen levels can also lead to things like thyroid diseases, heart attack or stroke, breast or ovarian cancer, and blood clots. Depression is also common when your levels are not quite right.

Natural Ways to Reduce Estrogen Levels

There are two common ways to reduce estrogen levels naturally, those two include a change in diet and weight loss. For those looking to change their diet eating certain foods may actually reduce the estrogen in your body. Some foods to try including are broccoli, cabbage, kale, mushroom, red grapes, and whole grain foods. If you’re looking to try the weight loss route, the change in diet may help as well since most of the changes are the addition to green leafy vegetables and other healthy fruits and vegetables.

However, if you’re trying to reduce your estrogen levels quicker, you may want to try compounds known as estrogen blockers.

What are Estrogen Blockers?

Estrogen Blockers, which also go by the names antiestrogens and estrogen antagonists are a variation of compounds that prevent estrogens such as estradiol from interfering with the body’s natural balance. Their main form of function is to block estrogen receptors or inhibit the production of estrogen in some way. One area in which antiestrogens are becoming popular is the category of SERMs. These are selective estrogen receptor modulators, and you can find out more information about them here. This includes compounds such as tamoxifen citrate which will be discussed later on along with two other estrogen blockers. Another form of these compounds is found in aromatase inhibitors which include anastrozole.


In most cases, anastrozole is actually prescribed to women as a treatment for specific types of breast cancer. So, what does that mean for the average bodybuilder? Well, Anastrozole, or Arimidex as it is named in brand form is an aromatase inhibitor. Well, aromatase inhibiting products typically slow the conversion of estrogen. So, in a sense it is not a full on estrogen blocker, but it acts in the same way.

Blocking estrogen is important for those looking to gain muscle because many use steroids which can put levels out of whack. So, what can anastrozole do for you in this situation? It can act as a PCT or post cycle therapy in which you get your levels back to normal without losing any of the gains you’ve made or dealing with nasty side effects.

Tamoxifen Citrate

A more common PCT that is known and used in the bodybuilding world is tamoxifen citrate better known as Nolvadex. As previously mentioned this is a SERM or selective estrogen receptor modulator. By being more selective in nature it allows for a more wholistic approach to treating an imbalance in hormones. This particular SERM is in charge of helping with things like gynecomastia and mitigating negatives of steroids. Again, this estrogen blocker is most beneficial when used as a PCT for steroid users as well as those dealing potentially with man boobs.

So, if you’re dealing with high levels of estrogen because of natural causes or due to steroids then you may want to look into estrogen blockers to help. But where can you get the best estrogen blockers for your money? Well let me introduce you to Paradigm Peptides.

Paradigm Peptides for Estrogen Blockers

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