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Making sure you get the right amount of cardio on a weekly basis is one of the big steps in ensuring you keep you heart, lungs, and muscles healthy. Not a huge fan of running or think stair climbing is a bore, there are plenty of other options to add to your cardio workouts. In fact, we have three other cardio exercises that can help you get the work in. Is it still going to be a bit of a challenge? Well, of course, otherwise you’re not really working out. Let’s dig into some of the basics first and then we’ll take a look at the exercises, shall we?

Cardio Workouts for Health & Wellness

The sole purpose of doing cardio workouts is to keep your heart, lungs, and muscles in strong working order. Whether this means heading to the gym or just using your living room. Getting cardio in as part of your workout regimen is essential to your success.

That being said, you’ll want to begin with a warmup. Your warmup should be between five and ten minutes. This gets your body ready for the work you have planned ahead. In most cases, you’ll want to shoot for at least five days of cardio at 30 minutes a session. Or if you’d rather section it out your own way, the best rule of thumb is to complete about two and a half hours of cardio workouts a week. The last important information to cover before we dive into three of the top cardio exercises, is that just like you need a warmup, you’ll also need a cool down. This means that the last five to ten minutes of your workout you’ll want to use to slow down.


Your typical burpee works as a strength training exercise and tends to raise your heart rate as well giving it the cardio additive. Therefore, adding burpees to your cardio workouts can help you mix it up instead of being stuck with running all the time. It is done in four steps that can be repeated several times. To begin, you’ll want to stand up straight with good posture. Then from there, you’ll go into a squat and then place your hands on the ground. With your hands on the ground you’ll kick your legs back into a plank position then return to the squat position before catapulting yourself into a jump. Once you’ve done all these steps that will count as one repetition. There are several variations of burpees that exists from a box-jump to a tuck-jump, no matter your choice, burpees are a fantastic addition to any cardio workouts. The only warning that we will give it to be sure to fully understand the one you choose prior to attempting them.

Much like other exercises, it’s not necessarily how many you complete, its more about the time. Basically, you’ll want to time yourself for fifteen minutes to start, your goal would be to do six repetitions per minute. However, if you’re new to this exercise it may be wise to ease into it to ensure you’re doing it correctly. Since they are under the category of cardio workouts, it comes as no surprise that they raise your heart rate. That being said, if at any point you need to rest, use that remaining time to do so. In other words, if you stop at the 13 minute mark, the final two minutes you can use to rest. A minimum of 2 sets is recommended at 15 minutes each.

Squat Jumps

When doing a jump squat, you still want to keep the correct form when lowering into the squat portion. This means good posture, balance, and focus. You’ll want to lower into a squat in which your toes don’t surpass your knees. You’ll want your knees to be at a 45 degree angle all while keeping your back and shoulders straight. Once you get down into a squat you’ll launch yourself back up into a jump. Be mindful of how you land with these jumps, because if done wrong you can cause injury to your ankles or knees. When you land you’ll go straight into the next squat.

It is recommended that between two to four sets be completed of this exercise. Typically, this is enough for athletes that are looking for good cardio workouts. In doing so, you’ll also want to remain between three and six repetitions per set. When done right, this exercise can work for your legs and your cardio.

Jump Rope

Jump rope, is as simple as when we were kids. All you need is a jump rope and yourself. The nice part is that you can go as quickly or as slow as you want to go, and your heart rate will still increase. If you’re a beginner jump roper ten minutes is all you’ll need. As you start to become more skilled at it, you can add on more time or incorporate different ways to jump.

Thymalin for Cardiovascular Health

There are several benefits to using peptides with your cardio workouts. In terms of Thymalin, this means giving your cardiovascular system a boost. Why is this so important? This keeps your heart healthy. Therefore, by keeping your heart healthy, it can pump your blood to where it needs to go giving your body necessary nutrients to function properly. Not only that, when you use Thymalin, you’re also giving both your endocrine and immune systems needed boosts as well.

Of course, when it comes to peptides in this form, they are typically of the synthetic variety. So, you’re probably wondering where you can get yourself some top quality products that will mesh with your cardio workouts without completely break the bank. We can help with that.

Protect Your Cardiovascular System with Paradigm Peptides

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