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It’s true, stacking SARMs is the more popular frontier when it comes to stacking. However, have you ever thought about the benefits you can reap from stacking peptides instead? Imagine, you cause a soft tissue injury, you wouldn’t necessarily turn to SARMs to fix that, you’d head towards the peptide section. Why? Because BPC 157 and TB 500 are more adept at healing your injury than other compounds. Imagine, if these stacks can help you heal, they can also help you gain muscle and much more! Learn all about the three best peptide stacks and how they can help you today.

Best Peptide Stacks

Stacking peptides is much like stacking SARMs. That is to say, so long as you know what to stack and at what dosages, you’ll be golden. This is where we come in handy. Below are three of the best peptide stacks to date. They each offer a little bit of a different outcome but are still equally important.

CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin

The main goal and what make CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin one of the best peptide stacks around is its ability to up growth hormone. Not to mention that it does it through two different avenues. How so? Simple. When talking about CJC 1295 it is referred to as a synthetic analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone. It works by increasing IGF 1 and plasma growth hormone in the body. On its own, CJC 1295 does have a short half-life. This is where Ipamorelin then comes in. It works by being an agonist of the ghrelin receptors and even the growth hormone secretagogue receptors. Meaning it essentially does the same thing as CJC 1295 in that it increases growth hormone. However, it does it through ghrelin instead.

Whether you are just starting or know your stuff, this is one of the best peptide stacks to start with. Keep in mind that nine times out of ten, peptides come in a powdered form. This is because it is more stable to transport in this form. Therefore, when you get your peptides, you’ll need to reconstitute them. Basically, this means that you’ll want to add either bacteriostatic water or sterile water to your peptides. Keep in mind you don’t want to just shoot the water into the vile. Instead you’ll want to slowly drain it down the inside of the vial and let it dissolve the powder.

Once you reconstitute your peptide, it comes to the all important dosing. Whether you get it as a combined variation or as two separate peptides the recommended dose is 300mcg tops. This would mean 150mcg of CJC 1295 and 150mcg of your Ipamorelin. If they are already combined you would just do the straight 300mcg. This dose is most effective if taken towards your bedtime. This is because its also the time that your body already creates natural growth hormone.

Sermorelin + GHRP 6

Another good contender for the best peptide stack ever is the combination of Sermorelin and GHRP 6. For Sermorelin, its most known as being an analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone. It effects the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. By doing so, it aids with better fat burn, better endurance, and even healthier skin. Then by pairing it with GHRP 6, you’re getting even more of a bang. GHRP 6 does several of the same things that Sermorelin does and also includes you maintaining healthier hairs. Since it’s a secretagogue of growth hormone you get a decent boost to work off of.

Now, the all important question. What dose should you use? These two when combined into the one of the best peptide stacks or as separate peptide compounds are recommended at a top dose of 200mcg per dose. This means that if you get them already pre-mixed, that’s all you’ll have to pull is the 200mcg. However, if you get them as two separate peptides you’ll want to pull 100mcg of Sermorelin and 100mcg of GHRP 6.

BPC 157 + TB 500

If you’re wondering why the combination of BPC 157 and TB 500 is under the category of best peptide stack its simple. These two promote quick healing so by combining them you get the best of both. For starters, TB 500 is essentially the synthetic version of a region most commonly active in Thymosin Beta 4. It promotes healing by helping to produce new blood vessels and muscle tissue. It does so by upregulating actin and other cell building proteins in the body. Now, if you’re looking at BPC 157 in this coupling, it too promotes healing. However, BPC 157 is more focused on soft tissue injuries in areas like tendons and ligaments which can be good in case of bodybuilding injuries.

As for dosing, this stack is one of the best peptide stacks with the most variation. It works almost like a SARMs cycle in that the goal is to use the peptides over the course of eight weeks. The first three weeks would essentially look like this. You’ll take BPC 157 daily at 500mcg per day and be careful not to overdose to minimize the BPC 157 side effects. TB 500 on the other hand would only be twice a week and your dose would be around 5mg. If you want to keep everything uniform, you would have to take 5000mcg a dose.

Then for the remaining weeks, the doses actually reduce. For BPC 157 you would still take it daily but the dose would be cut in half. Meaning your new dose would be 250mcg instead. Of course, this also means that your TB 500, although still taken twice a week is also cut in half. Therefore, instead of the 5mg you would be taking 2.5mg or 2500mcg. This stack basically allows for total body reparation to happen.

Whether you are looking to bulk up and gain muscle or just work towards healing your body. These three stacks known as the best peptide stacks are worth the time and energy. Each one works with your body to help achieve what you’re looking for. So what are you waiting for?

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If you’re looking for a peptide stack that delivers a range of benefits, you’ve come to the right place. These top 3 peptide stacks will help your body with quick healing, muscle building and much more. Help improve your overall body appearance and performance and find the best peptide stack for your needs today.

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  1. Can you take cjc and ipa in the morning (half a days dose) and tesamorelin and ipa at night? (Half dose). Is it ok to combine them like that?

  2. Can you take two stack at the same time? Such as BPC 157 +TB 500 along with CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin? If so how?

    • Yes, ipamorelin and cjc-1295 are hgh secretogues. Bpc-157 is a body protective compound found in your intestines but basically heals your body. It won’t affect your hgh levels at all and is used quite often for injuries and to improve overall health with bone density, hair, teeth, skin and etc. It will speed up recovery.
      Tb500 or thymosine beta 4 also help your body heal and will have no effect on your hgh.

  3. I’ve been taking sermorelin (3iu), Ghrp 6 (.5 iu) six days a week, along with Tb-500 twice a week at about 3.4 milligrams. With (8) iu of testosterone twice a week. I am about to be complete with my 8 week cycle TB-500

    • Did you find the answer? I am Curious too I thought It was cjc/ipa at night aod in the morning before breakfast?

      • Always try to take IMP/CJC at night. I take BPC and AOD in the morning and IMP at night. If you wanna throw other things in the mix, try keep your repair peptides at night and your building or shredding ones during the day or lunch time. Hope this helps

  4. just starting to use peptides (sermorelin and GHK-cu). can i stack these 2 together? also, i’m 61 and was in great shape. but i had spine surgery last year and have been unable towork out (former marathoner, biathlete, competitive cylclist). how do i get my muscle tone back without gaining weight? i thought maybe adding ipamorelin and or NAD + to my stack would be helpful?

  5. Can you just say FTW, and stack CJC-1295 w/DAC, Sermorelin, and IGF1-LR3? I’m think of playing mixy-matchy and seeing what happens (for research purposes obviously).

  6. Any research on CJC/ Imp no DAC with AOD ? Need some insight, Mainly looking for weight loss and better recovery. Btw bpc and tb from paradigm worked wonders with my research, repair/ recover time cut in half.

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