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Having the right SARMs can make a major difference when bodybuilding. Of course, information on the internet can be misleading or confusing. That makes it harder to decide just what you’re looking for. However, what if I told you, this is the only article you’ll ever need for SARMs stacks as a beginner. There are three stacks to help you either bulk up or cut back. All of which range from straight forward and simple to slightly more advanced. But let’s start at the beginning.

What is a SARMs Stack?

For starters, a SARM is a selective androgen receptor modulator. These substances are like anabolic androgenic steroid in that they can help gain muscle quickly. The biggest difference  is that they are selective in nature where steroids are not. This makes them a safer alternative to those looking to still get shredded without any serious negatives involved.

The nice thing about SARMs is that you can either use them on their own or create what is known as a SARMs Stack. This is done by combining two or more SARMs to reap the benefits of both. Don’t worry, there is a stack for everyone whether you are new to SARMs or a seasoned vet.

Top 3 Best SARMs Stacks for Beginners

LGD 4033 + RAD 140

When looking for a bulking stack combining both LGD 4033 and RAD 140 in a SARMs stack is a common practice. RAD 140 works to boost your testosterone levels while burning fat, improving stamina, and building muscle. As for LGD 4033, it also improves muscle gain; however, it has other talents as well. It is able to promote libido and strengthen your musculoskeletal system. This is the system that is compiled of your bones, muscle, cartilage, tendons, and more. By combining these two supplements in a SARMs stack, you’ll reap the benefits of both at the same time.

Your typical cycle length should run about eight weeks on the shorter side but no longer than ten weeks total. In order to reduce any chance of side effects you’ll want to stick to the recommended doses. Those doses include 10mg per day of RAD 140 and 5mg per day of LGD 4033.

A PCT for this SARMs stack is a necessity and that should last about four weeks once your cycle is completed. Keep in mind there are several options for PCTs that include both Tamoxifen Citrate or Clomiphene Citrate. These two are the most known and most popular.

MK 677 + GW 501516

This SARMs stack is more for individuals looking to cut fat among other things. For example, MK 677 is great for improving lean muscle mass. But did you know that it also helps with things like sleep, mood and even your libido? It’s true! In addition to these positives, those that pair MK 677 with GW 501516 also see a boost in their endurance and stamina. This allows you to get in those longer workouts with less fatigue.

Unlike our first stack, this one is a bit different. In the first stack between LGD 4033 and RAD 140 the doses stayed consistent. This is not the same for MK 677 and GW 501516. The cycle length is a standard eight weeks with a PCT or post cycle therapy to follow. For the first couple of weeks, both MK 677 and GW 501516 share the same dose of 10mg per day each. Then for the remainder of the cycle, they’re both set at doses of 20mg per day each instead. The difference in doses is so that your body has time to adjust to the two substances.

MK 2866 + GW 501516

Combining these two SARMs to create a SARMs stack is one of our favorites, why? Because of the benefits reaped from such a simple yet complicated stack. MK 2866, not to be confused with MK 677, has the ability to prevent and even reverse muscle wasting. Not only that, it is known to improve physical functions as well as lean muscle mass overall. Now, combine that with GW 501516 and it’s a win-win. Both GW 501516 and MK 2866 boost your endurance and stamina giving you the building blocks you’ll need to hit your goals.

As for the duration and dosage of this SARMs stack it does fluctuate a bit. For starters, the cycle, like the other two is an eight week cycle. Don’t forget to add another four weeks at the end for a post cycle therapy. That will allow your body to reset without losing your hard work. Throughout the cycle, your MK 2866 dose stays consistent at 20mg per day. Now as for your GW 501516, it does fluctuate but not too much. For the first week, you’ll want to keep your GW 501516 at a consistent 10mg per day. Then once into the second week you’ll increase that dose to 20mg per day for the remainder of the cycle.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what SARMs stack well with one another, you can work towards the gains you’ve been dreaming of. The best part is that depending on the stack you choose; you’re results will be tailored to your goals. In other words if you want to bulk up you’d use the first stack. Or if you want to take part in a cutting stack, you’ll go with option number two. Either way, you’ve got this!

SARMs Stacks at Paradigm Peptides

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  1. I’m 57 and in good health no issues and started training for my first Spartan race in 10 weeks. Working on cardio and muscle building, what stack would work this. Thanks.

  2. Hey everyone, I need some help here. I am a male of 72 years and am still very active, still working a full time job, in the gym 4 days a week ( very early in the morning before work) and still keeping the wife happy. I am 6 ft 200 lbs and want to up my stamina and strength ( gain about 10 lbs of muscle and still look chiseled ( loos about 5 lbs of fat) and still have enough energy to do my job. I am currently on TRT ( 30 units twice a week ). I have never tried any other Roids or SARMS. I am not ready to throw in the towel yet so I will need enough energy to get me through the day at work. Your thoughts please. Thanks J. K. Jones

    • Hi James, this is an old post. Curious what you figured out? I would have started with blood work if you don’t already get blood work regularly (not sure how you are getting your TRT, self-treating or prescribed). It seems just from the surface you could probably up your test but looking at your bloodwork would be a good indicator.

    • Stenabolic and Ostarine would be a good stack, especially for a first time SARM user. Both well researched as opposed so some of the others. For extra fat loss, you can look at adding Cardarine as well. I’d do some researching on Cardarine first to see if it’s for you. You won’t have to use a PCT and your test levels won’t be suppressed because you’re using exogenous testosterone.

  3. Hi i’m male 60 years old and on trt for the last 25 years. I go to the gym but can’t build muscle. I’m interested in your products , but have no idea where to start. Can someone help.

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