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Do you seem to be having problems shedding the extra weight or gaining the right amount of muscle? Have you looked at your posture lately? No, well how about your core strength? For many individuals, the core is the last thing and first thing on their mind. What do I mean by that? Well, everyone tends to think about the abdominal muscles when talking about the core.

However, no one seems to think about posture, making sure the foundation for a strong core is set, or really just getting to strengthening it. That is where these abdominal exercises come into play. They are just the tip of the iceberg on what you should add to your bodybuilding workout if you want to get further with your workout regimen.

Why Is Strengthening Your Core Important?

For many, getting into shape is a challenge. One that can have several ups and downs. However, what if I told you, your strength training and bodybuilding workouts will work ten times better if you have a strong core. The core is the foundation of everything you do. Whether that be day to day tasks or a hardcore training session at the gym. It is tasked with the maintenance of your balance and stability.

Now when I talk about core, I do not specifically mean the abdomen. Although your abdomen is a substantial part of your core, it actually consists of a few areas. These areas include your abdomen as well as your lower back, hips, and pelvis. So, by strengthening these key areas and giving yourself a more stable core, your workouts will work better. So, let’s start with your abdomen.

Core Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Whether you’re just starting out on your bodybuilding workout, or you’re a seasoned vet. The exercises below are designed to help you get back to the basics and really give your muscles a run for their money. The exercises mentioned are made to strengthen your abdominal muscles with minimal or no equipment but your own body. If you’re more on the seasoned side of bodybuilding you’re welcome to modify the exercises as needed.

Either way, confusion of the muscle is what you’re looking for. You don’t necessarily want to work each muscle out the exact same way. That’s why having an arsenal of various exercises and taking rest days between is a key fundamental of getting ripped with a bodybuilding workout.


Your abdomen is one of the essential parts of your core muscles. So, it comes to no surprise that the more developed this set of muscles is, the better off your balance and stability is. The exercises mentioned below are good basic exercises to add to your bodybuilding workout. The best part is that they don’t require much or any equipment so you could even do them in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Knee Crunches

Knee crunches tend to take care of the upper part of your abdomen and are one of the simplest forms of crunches there are. This makes it an easy add to anyone’s bodybuilding workout. You simply lay flat on your back with your legs raised. Your knees should be at a ninety degree angle. A keynote to remember about this particular exercise is that you are not pulling your chin into your chest. You’ll need to keep your face and chin looking towards the sky. You almost want to imagine someone pressing on your belly button as you’re doing the reps. By doing so, you’ll be able to feel your muscles working.

When doing knee crunches as a beginner you’ll probably want to start out between 10 and 20 reps. The most common amount of sets is around 3 to 5. This means that by the time you’re done with your knee crunches, you’ll have completed between 30 to 100 crunches minimum.

  1. Leg Raises

Leg raises are another good exercise for your bodybuilding workout plan. In this case, much like knee crunches, you’ll lay flat on your back. Although this may sound easy, maintaining control is key. Once on your back, you’ll want to lay your hands next to you on either side of your body. Next you’ll want to raise your legs all the while ensuring they are straight and that your back is not bowing. Once you get to about halfway up, you’ll want to slowly lower them making sure that you’re maintaining full control and speed. Don’t just let your feet drop and hit the floor. When done correctly, this exercise takes care of your mid-section of abdomen as well as your lower abdomen.

The going reps for beginners with leg raises is 10. Although this seems fairly low, the exercise itself is effective enough when 3 sets are completed.

  1. Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are essentially a more advanced version of the leg raises. However, the difference is in how they are completed. Again, like the leg raises, you’ll be laying on your back. For those that have gone swimming and know how to do a flutter kick in water its essentially the same thing on land. While laying on your back, you’ll be raising your legs up into the air keeping them as straight as possible. Again, like the leg raises, you’ll want to go about halfway. Once you reach that point you’ll start alternating each leg, bringing one down while the other is still at that halfway point and so on. Adding this particular exercise to your bodybuilding workout will ensure that you hit all of the important muscles of your abdomen.

Two kicks, so one of each leg is counted as one rep. The most common reps are between 10 and 15 with the sets between 3 and 5. Much like the knee crunches mentioned above.

  1. Plank

Several variations of planks exist, each one working a particular area of the abdomen. For the sake of the article, we are going to go with the simple elbow plank. In doing this form of the plank you start out laying on your stomach. Then you’ll lift your body up and balance your weight on your elbows, using your abdominal muscles to keep your back from bending and your body in a straight line. You’ll look almost as if you’re about to do a push up.

The hardest part for many beginners using this exercise in their bodybuilding workout is to ensure that their bottoms are not sticking up like a mountain. You’ll want to ensure that your buttock is essentially sucked in and that you’re feeling more of a burn in your abdominal region than anywhere else. This exercise is known to take care of the entire abdominal region giving you a full ab workout.

Now, unlike the other exercises mentioned, this one is one that is timed rather than counted. The starting point for this exercise is between 15 and 30 seconds to be completed three times.

  1. Russian Twists

Russian twists are one of our favorite exercises to add to the bodybuilding workout regimen. Why? Because it is very simple and if need be you can add things like medicine balls of varying weights to make it more challenging.

How it works is simple. You almost sit up as if you’re going to do a set of old fashioned sit ups. Then you lean your core back making sure that you feel your abdominals doing the work to hold your upper body in place. Once you get to about a 30 to 45 degree angle, you twist your upper body; moving your arms to either side of your torso. This is done all while keeping your body in the same position. The exercise is meant to take care of your obliques.

Once you twist to either side once, you have competed a repetition. The going number for reps with this exercise is between 15 and 20. The sets to complete for best results is again between 3 and 5.

Getting Results with Tesamorelin

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For bodybuilders looking to gain an edge, Tesamorelin has come to the forefront. Why? Because it has specifically targeted the abdominal region giving you lean, toned abs fast. Therefore, adding it to your bodybuilding workout plan along with the aforementioned exercises above you’ll have a stronger core in no time.

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Having a strong core is the foundation of your overall muscle health. By adding the exercises and Tesamorelin to your workout regimen you can easily gain the muscle you need. So, what are you waiting for? Go start your bodybuilding journey and beast up!

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