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Getting sick right now is really not an option. Especially with COVID 19 still in its prime. That is why making sure your immune health is in working order is pivotal. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure what that means exactly, we’re here to help you gain a better understanding. More specifically we can help with understanding on how peptides can be just the boost your immune system needed.

Immune Health & Immune Health Supplements

Several methods exist for those looking to boost your immune health. The first recommendation being to make sure you drink plenty of water. For the average person, this would mean at least eight 8oz glasses of water per day. Something to pair with drinking enough water is to make sure that you’re eating the right foods. By ensuring you’re getting as many vitamins and minerals as possible, you give your body its best chance. If you pair these two things with the right amount of exercise and sleep you should be on the right path.

However, in a lot of cases, we’re lacking in one or more of these categories. Think about it, how many hours of restful sleep do you get at night? When was the last time you made sure your diet was balanced and not just full of fast food? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people go to fast food joints out of convenience or stress so much their sleep takes a hit. But what can we do about it?

Our immune health sometimes needs help and our immune systems need an extra pick-me-up to be working optimally. This is where peptides can come in to save the day. Peptides are naturally produced within the body. Unlike protein, peptides are smaller chains of amino acids and are more easily digestible. Even when it comes to synthetic variations, the peptides still work with your body in order to help it function properly.

Top 5 Immune Health Peptides

When it comes to ensuring your health and safety in the current times, it can be pretty intimidating. Not knowing when things will start calming down or when an effective vaccine for COVID 19 will arrive can be quite disconcerting. However, something we can do is to make sure that our immune systems are in tip top shape. This can be done through the use of these top 5 immune health boosting peptides.

CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin

Both CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin are powerful peptides on their own. When combined you get even more potent benefits. This combination of peptides is the best of both worlds giving your fitness a boost while also boosting your immune health. How? Well, to understand how the combination, you’ll need to know how they work apart from one another.

CJC 1295 binds to growth hormone releasing hormone receptors. In doing so, it promotes the release of growth hormone. Why does this matter? Simple, growth hormone plays a large role in the development and function of the immune system. It effects the thymus gland which is in charge of creating T-cells. T-cells, or killer cells, are able to directly kill virus infected cells as well as some cancerous cells.

Immune health supplements such as Ipamorelin work with the ghrelin receptors and have a similar effect on growth hormone as CJC 1295. The main difference is how it gets the body to produce more growth hormone. Where CJC 1295 is directly linked to growth hormone releasing receptors, Ipamorelin connects to ghrelin.


As covered in the section on CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin above, GHRP 6 also works with the growth hormone. It works by mimicking ghrelin within the body. In fact, it has actually become common among many fields. In a study done with tilapia, the fish were given this peptide to see if it would be a viable option to boost the tilapia’s health. Once administered, GHRP 6 showed an affinity for inducing IGF 1 in the fish. Those treated saw an increase in the areas of growth and immune health. These benefits can also be expected in the human variety of GHRP 6 users as well.


IGF 1, or insulin growth factor one, is a peptide that can bind to IGF 1R. Theses are the receptors for the peptide specifically. It has also been shown to bind to insulin receptors as well. It is primarily produced when the growth hormone stimulates the liver. Naturally, this peptide is produced within the body. However, it is mostly seen in masses during the adolescent years. By pairing growth hormone and IGF 1, the body produces all kinds of cells. This includes the natural killer cells known as T-cells. Thus, boosting your immune health.


Thymalin is one of the peptides in charge of regulating your thymus. By regulating it, more peptides are then produced in order to give your immune system a boost. What does the thymus have to do with anything? This is a part of the body tasked with the creation of T-lymphocytes. These are the cells more commonly referred to as T-cells. Of course, thymalin doesn’t just stop at aiding your immune health. In fact, it actually boosts quite a few systems within your body including the cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems.

Thymosin Alpha 1

Last but not least, the peptide known as Thymosin Alpha 1. It aids in immune health as well as in the treatment of Lyme Disease. It works by enhancing killer T-cells in addition to dendric cells. Dendric cells are antigen-presenting cells within our bodies. This means that they mediate cellular immune response thus making them a big player in your body’s response to various viruses and diseases. As a plus, Thymosin Alpha 1 has actually shown an affinity for boosting the effectiveness of vaccines and suppression of tumor growth.

So, if you’re worried that your immune system isn’t up to par, these peptides can be just what you need to get it back in shape. Ready to buy yours but not sure where? We can help with that too!

Paradigm Peptides for Immune Health

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