What Is Frag 176-191? | Read About the Benefits of Frag 176-191

When you’re going to the gym on a daily basis and are barely noticing a difference, it can all seem pointless. What’s the point of eating right and exercising if you’re not seeing the results? Yes, it’s true. You won’t see the results at first. Usually it can take a few months. But what happens if those months pass and you’re still not seeing anything. Then what? This is where a fragment of HGH called Frag 176-191 may be exactly the right push you need. It can help you kick that stubborn fat to the curb and really start seeing the results you’ve been searching for the whole time. Read on to learn more about fragment 176-191.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone, which abbreviates as HGH, also goes by the name growth hormone and somatotropin. It is a peptide hormone that is in charge of growth, cell regeneration, a stimulant of IGF 1, and cell reproduction. HGH has shown up throughout history in the competitive sports arena with its debut back in the 80s. In its natural form, human growth hormone naturally is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. However, when our bodies are not creating enough naturally a synthetic version is sometimes necessary.

What is Frag 176-191?

Frag 176-191 is a fragment of the human growth hormone. It helps most in the department of weight loss. It essentially works by regulating your fat metabolism giving your body the ability to burn off its extra fat. In the scientific sense, it is the amino acids 176 through 191 at the C-terminal of the human growth hormone. That’s just a fancy way of saying its at the end of the amino acid chain.

It stimulates lipolysis which then inhibits lipogenesis. Lipolysis is the process that occurs which helps breaks down fats and other lipids done through hydrolysis. Which essentially means the fats were broken down by a reaction with water. The process also allows for the release of fatty acids. Lipogenesis is just the more scientific phrase to refer to the synthesis of fatty acids and triglycerides from glucose.

In laymen’s terms, the Frag 176-191 compound is in charge of getting rid of access fat in a faster manner.

Benefits of Fragment 176-191

When taking Fragment 176-191 you’ll experience several benefits. For one, you’ll see an increase in strength and endurance. In the mirror this will show as an increase in muscle mass and decrease in body fat. Not only that, internally you’ll reap benefits as well. This will be in the form of stronger bone tissue. You may also experience some anti-aging effects as a byproduct of a higher secretion of IGF 1.

Side Effects

Few side effects exist for Frag 176-191. The most prominent side effects are actually mild in nature and tend to dissipate over time. These side effects include drowsiness and possible redness at the injection site. If the side effects persist or get worse, speak with your general physician.

Frag 176-191 Dosage

First things first, unlike many other peptides, Fragment 176-191 does reconstitute cloudy. Yes, you can use it. Aside from that little detail, dosing and injection is similar to many other peptides. It is injected subcutaneously. This means that it is injected into fatty tissue not muscle and can be done in the abdomen among other areas. The most common dosage is 300mcg twice daily.

In many cases, taking it on an empty stomach is the most viable option for best results. The length of time you should take it varies from the shortest length being three months and the longest being six months. It is not recommended to exceed a six month period.

Eating right and going to the gym and not seeing results can really bite. That’s why the introduction of Frag 176-191 into your daily regimen is necessary. You’ll be losing the weight faster and see the differences in the mirror in no time.

But where do you get this fat busting compound? Searching the internet for hours can’t be fun by any means. Especially when there are dozens of places to buy peptides. How do you know which place to choose? What places have high quality products?

Weight Loss with Frag 176-191 at Paradigm Peptides

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13 thoughts on “Kick Fat to the Curb with Frag 176-191”

    • Hi Jeff.
      The dose varies but most administer between 300mcg and 600mcg per day.
      500mcg per day would look like this: 250 mcg on an empty stomach in the morning and 250mcg before bed. Total 500 mcg per day. This is administered subcutaneous in fat tissue. The abdomen is a good spot for the injection.

      • Would 300mcg -600mcg still be effective if only administered in one daily dose? I already administer CJC-1295 / Ipamorelin at bedtime and I wouldn’t want the two to interfere with each other.

      • Hi Dana,
        You have to mathematically calculate that depending on the dosage you want and how much you want to inject to achieve that dosage, (and you can obviously only reconstitute up to with what will fit in the vial) I’m not great at explaining stuff but I’ll try…..
        First of all 100 units = 1ml (or 1cc) so each single unit = .01ml. Next, 1mg = 1000mcg. That also means that 1mcg would = .001mg. So in this case, with 2mg you’d have 2000mcg. Lets say you want each dosage to be xyz amount in 10units… so divide the 2000mcg by the dosage amount you desire (this lets you know how many total doses you have total) ie: you want 200mcg well 2000mcg/200mcg = 10 doses a 1ml syringe holds 100 units so reconstituting with 1ml of bac gives you 10 doses of 200mcg at 10 units. If you wanted each dose to be 300mcg per 10 units you’d divide by 300 and use less bac in this case .6.6ml of bac or roughly between what would equal 60-70 units in a standard U100 syringe and so on. Obviously the stronger the dosage the less doses you get per mg or vial but depending on what you’re doing that’s the basic way to figure it out. It can be hard to see and draw up tiny amounts exact (which is why 10 units is a good number and to increase dosage you’d just redo the math and perhaps draw 11 units). Hope that made sense and helped, just play around with the math on a calculator a few times and it should make sense and help you decide on your preferred reconstitution ratio. It basically can be whatever you want it to equal per unit but obviously not exceed what will fit in the vial. At the same time you also want to use enough bac to reconstitute so for higher doses sometimes you might want to use more bac but just inject more units. Anyway it mainly depends on each individual’s needs and preference it’s not a cookie cutter standard reconstitution for all. Best of luck….

        • Thanks for this

          I have 5mg vials : or 5,000mcg – I believe I am to take 2 doses daily of 250mcg so I’d need to dilute to 20 doses per vial – or add 2ml of Bac – giving me 200 units per vial reconstituted or 20 doses of 10 units at 250mcg per dose…. Does that sound right?

    • Hi Brent I replied to Dana who recently posted the same question back to your post if you want to check it out.

  1. 10 years ago I had metastatic breast cancer that was estrogen positive and have been on tamoxifen and letrozole ever cents to ensure that I have no estrogen in my body along with the removal of my ovaries. I’ve had no relapses, however my body stays in a continual state of menopause due to not having estrogen. As we all know that includes stubborn fat around the abdomen and other areas despite how hard I diet and exercise. My oncologist told me Friday that she has no problem with me taking this as long as there are no estrogenic effects on my body. I’ve done as much research as I possibly can on my own and I cannot seem to find any answers on this specific question.
    I’m 45 I’m still young I’m very healthy and I’m ready to get rid of this stubborn fat without having to literally starve myself.
    Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated thank you so much in advance🙏🏻‼️

  2. Id like a definitive answer on how long hgh 176-191 remains stable in the fridge after it is reconstituted. Thank you.

  3. I’m assuming 2mL of bacteriostatic water for the 2mg vial. On a standard 100iu insulin syringe, is 300mcg the same as 0.9iu, so that just under the 10 line, right? Or what mark are you pulling to?

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