One of the most common side effects of using anabolic steroids is gynecomastia. It is almost unavoidable if you’re not careful. In the body building world, it has reared its ugly head more than once. So, what do you do to stop it or prevent it all together? Letrozole has an affinity to help prevent and treat gynecomastia as well as breast cancer in post-menopausal women. Read on to learn more about this amazing substance.

What is Letrozole?

Letrozole, less commonly known by its brand name Famara, is what is known as an anti-estrogen of the aromatase inhibitor family and is said to be the most potent and effective within its family. It works by blocking the estrogen receptors and suppressing estrogen production in the body. In creating Letrozole it’s main function is to treat breast cancer in post menopausal women.

However, after more research was conducted it was found to carry an ability to increase natural testosterone production. It does this by using both follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone.

In women, the follicle stimulating hormone oversees controlling the menstrual cycle. It is also in charge of stimulating the growth of eggs in the ovaries. The level of follicle stimulating hormone varies over the course of the cycle. For men, this same hormone stimulates testicular growth and boosts the production of androgen binding proteins. This then aids in sustaining maturing sperm.

Luteinizing hormone is a gonadotrophic hormone and oversees testosterone in men. Since it controls sexual functions in both men and women this is what makes it a gonadotrophic hormone.

But why is this important? When taking anabolic steroids for bodybuilding these compounds tend to increase the amount of estrogen in the body. They also increase your chances of water retention. In many cases an increase in estrogen can lead to gynecomastia and water retention. When this occurs it can lead to high blood pressure. For those unfamiliar with gynecomastia it is a condition in which steroid users develop breasts. The breasts occur because of higher than normal estrogen levels. Letrozole combats this by reducing the production of estrogen in the body.

Studies with Letrozole

Constitutional Delay of Growth and Puberty

Testosterone plays many roles in both women and men. Therefore, having a balance between estrogen and testosterone is important for everyday function. As an adolescent preteen the last thing that you want to experience is CDGP. In a study conducted with boys aged 14+ testosterone injection was compared to the use of Letrozole for treatment. The boys were assigned to either receive low dose testosterone injections at 1mg/kg every four weeks for six months, or Letrozole at 2.5mg once a day for six months. Six months in it was found that the boys who participated and received the Letrozole treatment saw significant testicular growth. This means that has the potential to be a treatment for those dealing with CDGP.

Growth Performance

Iranian Angora bucklings appear in another study, these specific animals are a type of goat. The main goal was to test the effectiveness of Letrozole on growth performance, testicular and semen characteristics, and hormonal profile. The Twenty-eight goats were divided into four groups. Within these groups, 0.25mg/kg of letrozole subcutaneously was injected, another received it intramuscularly, and two were forms of control groups. Both growth and reproductive functions improved in the goats by the conclusion of the experiment. This occurred through an increase in luteinizing hormone and growth hormone. It also happened as a result of elevated testosterone and a reduction in E2 levels.

Benefits of Letrozole

Within the world of bodybuilding, many substances enhance muscle gain and effectively pump up muscles to maximize body aesthetics. However, the most common substances used in bodybuilding include things like anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders that use steroids often use an antiestrogen supplement to even everything out and avoid common side effects.

The main reason Letrozole is used by bodybuilders is to help prevent gynecomastia and other side effects associated with steroids. However, Letrozole has also shown an affinity to promote fat burning and reducing LDL cholesterol.

Short List of Benefits

  • Aids with Anabolic Steroid Side Effects
  • Prevents Gynecomastia
  • Promotes Joint Health
  • Improves Immune System Health
  • Enhances Growth Hormone
  • Improves Cortisol

Side Effects

Of course, like many substances, Letrozole is not without side effects if not used properly and at the correct dose. When the correct dose is not used; individuals may experience things like hot flushes, vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, stomach pain, and cough. The symptoms are mild in nature and subside as your body gets used to the substance. However, if they persist or get worse then speak with your doctor.

In extremely rare cases; some users of Letrozole have experienced things like sudden dizziness, tingling or numbness, slurred speech, mood changes, and blurred vision.

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, then handling and use of Letrozole is not recommended. The substance can be absorbed through the skin and lungs. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have high blood cholesterol, osteoporosis, have experienced a stroke or have heart disease, or have kidney or liver problems then Letrozole is not for you.

Letrozole Dosage

Typically speaking, Letrozole comes in pill form however, in some cases it can be found in liquid form.

Doses of Letrozole depend on how you intend to use it. For example, are you using it for its intended use of treating and preventing breast cancer? Or are you using it to aid in gynecomastia? A normal rule of thumb is to take doses between 0.25mg and 1mg every other day.

Keep in mind that in most cases the pills or tablets do come in a 2.5mg strength. For those treating gynecomastia this can help rid the body of any signs within seven to fourteen days.

So, if you’re trying to bulk up without growing breasts in the process, the choice is simple. Letrozole is the answer to all your estrogen problems.

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