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Hit Your New Max with the Help of YK 11

What happens when you hit a plateau in your workout routine and cannot seem to get past it? Here is some friendly advice, do not give up! You have got this!

However, if you are still working hard and cannot get out of the rut, YK 11 may be the way to go. Learn how YK 11 can help you today!

What is YK 11?

YK 11 is a SARM that is also a myostatin inhibitor. What does that mean? For starters, a SARM is a selective androgen receptor modulator. It works in the body typically by attaching itself to muscle and bone tissue and avoiding major organs that anabolic steroids usually affect. Since YK 11 is both a SARM and a myostatin inhibitor it works a bit differently than the usual SARM.

But what is myostatin and why does it need to be inhibited in the first place? Myostatin is a protein that is produced and released by something called myocytes, once released it acts as an inhibitor of muscle cell growth and differentiation. By inhibiting myostatin, YK 11 can increase lean muscle mass growth as well as aid in fat loss.

Pros and Cons of YK 11

With the use of YK 11 comes great benefits. For one, because it doesn’t work in the same way as anabolic steroids do, there are limited side effects. Users have experienced muscle growth and hardening, an increase in follistatin levels, and fat loss. All of this paired with faster recovery time, better endurance and stamina and an increase in strength, what’s not to like about this SARM?

If you do experience side effects, they are typically mild and dissipate with use. Some things that may occur include things like mild acne, increased aggression, and joint pain. The best way to avoid anything serious is to do a post cycle therapy section and usually include tamoxifen and clomifene. But we’ll touch more on that in the next section with the dosage information.

Dosages for YK 11

YK 11 is a more potent SARM therefore you do not need a high dosage to see results. The recommended dosage is 5mg and because of its twelve hour half-life, should be taken twice a day. The max amount per day being 10mg. In terms of cycle length, eight weeks is the max amount recommended.

Because of the strength of this SARM it is also recommended to do a post cycle therapy session or PCT. As said above both tamoxifen and clomifene are two options to use during your PCT, with tamoxifen being the most recommended by those in the bodybuilding community. The PCT should run a four week span with starting off at a higher dosage and decreasing the dosage as the weeks go on. Recommended dosage for tamoxifen is between 25mg and 50mg per day.

Stacking YK 11

There are several ways that you can successfully stack YK 11 with other SARMs. Depending on if you’re looking for a bulking stack or cutting stack both can be accomplished with YK 11.

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Bulking Up with YK 11, MK 677, & LGD 4033

When you’re looking for a more advanced bulk combining these three will get you results fast. How does it do it? For one, LGD 4033 has shown an affinity to increase muscle mass and give you a faster recovery speed allowing you to get back to the grind faster.

MK 677 does the same where it helps bulk you up but there are a few other notable additions to this SARM. It has been shown to improve memory as well as give you a more restful sleep at night which by default helps improve your moods.

Pairing these two along with YK 11 will allow you to bulk up and keep going back to get the better rep. Now, for the cycle length, the length can be as short as six weeks, or as long as eight. LGD 4033 and YK 11 are the two SARMs in this cycle that increase at various intervals. For the first week LGD 4033 is recommended to start at 5mg, then during the next four weeks, it increases to 10mg per day and the last six to eight it ends off at 15mg per day. For YK 11, just like LGD 4033, it starts off at 5mg per day. Then for the next four weeks it pops up to 10mg per day with the last six thru eight week period being at 20mg per day.

Powerlifting with YK 11, LGD 4033, & S4 Andarine

Another common stack includes YK 11, LGD 4033, and S4 Andarine. Andarine is used to increase fat loss, improve strength and muscle mass as well as improve bone density in its users. For treatment purposes it has commonly been looked at for treating things like osteoporosis, and prostatic hypertrophy.

LGD 4033 is another muscle building SARM that can increase your lean muscle mass, enhance recovery, and maintain the muscle you gain. Combining both LGD 4033 and S4 Andarine with YK 11 has been shown to improve over all muscle building capabilities, but what’s the stack cycle and dosages?

For these three, the common dosage for LGD 4033, is 10mg for the first week and then increases to 20mg per dose for the remaining weeks. As for YK 11 and S4 Andarine, these two consistently stay at their dosages. YK 11 in this stack is kept at 10mg per day and S4 Andarine is 50mg. The cycle length that is recommended to see the best results is an eight week cycle.

YK 11 & LGD 4033 for Beginners

If you’re not to the point that you’re ready for these more advanced stacks you can always start out by just combining two at a time. For example, a good beginner stack would be YK 11 and LGD 4033 and instead of being an eight weeklong cycle it ends at the six week mark. With this stack, YK 11 stays at 10mg per day for the duration of the cycle and LGD 4033 fluctuates from 10mg for the first two weeks up to 20mg per day for the remaining four weeks.

Knowing what SARMs can do for you as well as how well they interact with other SARMs can be a game changer in your bodybuilding game. So now that you know everything you need to about YK 11 and what it can do for you, what’s holding you back?

The Best Place to Buy Your YK 11

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