As CBD becomes increasingly popular, you may be wondering what the CBD feeling is actually like. This is a common question, as CBD’s association with the marijuana plant makes some people nervous, and understandably so. After all, not everyone responds positively to the psychoactive components in marijuana (namely THC). So long as you stick to pure CBD products, here are the feelings you can expect.

1. Sober

First and foremost, it cannot be stressed enough that CBD doesn’t get you high. If you try CBD, feel the difference compared to its sibling, THC. Unless otherwise noted, CBD products are derived from the hemp plant, and hemp only contains tiny, trace amounts of THC — not nearly enough to have any noticeable effect. Just avoid full-spectrum oils if you don’t want THC.

While CBD isn’t intoxicating, there are still tangible effects associated with the CBD feeling. These effects aren’t recreational, however. For example, you’ll feel some effects after drinking a cup of coffee or tea, but most people wouldn’t call either beverages intoxicating. CBD is a safe supplement that leaves you feeling nice but still clear-headed.

2. Relaxed

Many CBD enthusiasts take CBD oils and isolates as a way to unwind. While CBD can be used to promote a better night’s sleep, it doesn’t usually make people feel tired or lethargic. It promotes a sense of well-being and calmness that can really help you to overcome stress. Whether you’re overwhelmed at work or relaxing at home, CBD soothes the mind.

3. Hungry

CBD doesn’t usually provide the same type of intense hunger associated with marijuana, but it can stimulate the appetite. If you suffer from nausea or a weak stomach, the CBD feeling can encourage healthier eating habits. As an added bonus, research suggests that CBD also helps with gut and digestive disorders. Some people also prefer peppermint CBD isolate, and other flavors.

4. Confident and Positive

CBD is frequently used to combat anxiety and depression. While you should never stop using your prescribed medications, you may find that taking CBD complements your current mental health regimen. Some people have had substantial luck using CBD as a primary mental healthcare solution, but you should only follow that path if a qualified physician approves.

5. Free of Pain

If you suffer from chronic and/or acute physical pain, you may find that CBD provides relief. Because CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, it helps your body to heal faster while alleviating symptoms. Many CBD users find that the CBD feeling is effective enough to reduce dependency on potentially dangerous and addictive painkillers.

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