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Many people have asked the question: do nootropics really work? How do they affect the brain? There are a number of brain-boosting nootropics such as Alpha-GPC, aniracetam, noopept, NMN, and Oxiracetam that have demonstrated great results and benefits when it comes to enhancing cognitive function and overall brain health.

While getting definitive answers on exactly how nootropics work as brain enhancement supplements is still a challenge, specifically due to our brain’s complexity, researchers have figured out that nootropics work across multiple brain pathways, which affect our brain functions and structures in dynamic ways.

From enhancing creativity, mood, focus, attention, memory, mental stamina, information processing, and other cognitive abilities, nootropics are gaining more popularity as more people add them to their daily supplementation routine. Read on to learn more about how nootropics interact with our brains to produce these great benefits.

Nootropics Support Cerebral Blood Flow

Healthy blood flow is not always about the delivery of brain-nourishing compounds, but also about removing harmful toxins that may damage the brain. Maintaining a key balance between these two aspects is vital to ensuring cognitive longevity and performance. Impaired blood circulation can easily lead to age-related cognitive decline.

Understanding the effects that poor cerebral blood flow can have on your brain is vital to reducing the brain degeneration and other cognitive issues that may affect your memory, focus, attention, productivity, moods, and other key cognitive functions. Nootropics have shown that they can support cerebral blood flow in the brain by:

  • Inhibiting oxidative and homocysteine damage on blood vessels
  • Promoting critical nitric activation and overall relaxation of blood vessels
  • Making blood cells in the brain less “sticky”, reducing the chances of clumping

Taking nootropic supplements helps improve blood circulation in your brain and overall cognitive health.

Nootropics Help Optimize Neurotransmitters

Our brains rely on cell-to-cell communications from one neuron to another. These neurotransmitters play a key role in relaying information through our brains in a number of diverse ways until the desired cognitive outcome or function is achieved. Before we look at how nootropics optimize brain neurotransmitters, let’s understand the different types of transmitters:

  • Acetylcholine (ACh) that aids in learning, memory, and basic thinking
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) that helps induce calmness and relaxation
  • Dopamine (DA) that aids in regulating mood and motivation
  • Norepinephrine (NE) that helps with intense focus and attention
  • Serotonin (5HT) that aids in relaxation and achieving deep satisfaction
  • Epinephrine (EPI), also known as adrenaline that provides intense brain energy

These neurotransmitters, from synthesis to release, and uptake have to maintain a balance to ensure optimal cognitive performance. Any form of imbalance may lead to disrupted cognition, emotions, and performance. Nootropic brain supplements optimize neurotransmitters by:

  • Supplying critical brain chemical precursors
  • Enhancing brain receptor sensitivity
  • Promoting neurotransmitter synthesis
  • Inhibiting the breakdown of neurotransmitters

Nootropics Support Brain Energy

Our brain consumes an immense amount of energy – up to 20% of the total our body produces. The reason why the brain needs so much energy is that it needs it to ensure optimal cognitive management and maintenance. Neurons in our brains are constantly dying, regenerating, and growing, so a lot of energy is needed to ensure optimal function.

If the body can’t produce enough energy for the brain, it leads to symptoms like mental fatigue and brain fog. Low brain energy levels are linked to different states of brain degeneration and cognitive decline. The good news is, nootropics support brain energy by:

  • Enhancing the brain’s metabolic activity of mitochondria (the core brain cells)
  • Helping to transport essential fatty acids into the brain cells where they’re needed to fuel mitochondria
  • Increasing the uptake of oxygen and vital nutrients in the brain, which the brain needs to fuel energy production

Nootropics Help Boost Our Brain Waves

Brain waves are the collective electrical activity of the brain, with every type distinguished by its different frequencies. Higher brain wave frequencies are linked to alert and quick cognition while lower brain frequencies are linked to dreamy and tired mental states. Brain waves often alter your state of thinking, creativity, consciousness, meditation, and even sleep.

Nootropics help raise our brain waves by:

  • Increasing certain brain waves like Alpha for alertness
  • Ensuring better sleep to wake transition and encouraging deep meditation
  • Promoting a relaxed state of mind that is beneficial for creativity and productivity

Regular use of nootropic brain supplements helps raise core brain waves like Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Delta, and Theta, ensuring a calmer and highly conscious state of mind.

Nootropics Support Neuroprotection

One of the biggest threats to brain health is the presence of free radicals associated with a number of negative age-related conditions. High cognitive performance relies on your brain’s ability to get rid of these free radicals so as to avoid neurodegeneration. Nootropics have been clinically proven to have neuroprotective powers.

Nootropics support neuroprotection in the brain by:

  • Increasing the antioxidant capability in the brain
  • Fighting the formation of irregular protein clusters
  • Clearing neurotoxins from brain tissue
  • Protecting the brain against the side effects of stress

Nootropics Support Neuroregeneration


Man writing with nootropic supplements for his brain

As we age, our cognitive abilities chip away. This brain degeneration is unavoidable but the brain has a way of regenerating new brain cells in a process called neurogenesis. A health brain system is critical to maintaining a balanced neurogenesis performance, and this plays a key role in improving neuroplasticity that is responsible for helping us learn new things and engage in new experiences.

Certain nootropics may support regeneration, and in particular, be useful in reversing some of the age-related changes that our brains undergo. Nootropics help support brain regeneration by:

  • Boosting the brain’s natural growth factors
  • Providing the key building block materials that the brain needs like choline
  • Maintaining brain membrane plasticity and flexibility

Nootropic Quality Matters

Nootropic quality is a key factor in determining how well a brain supplement will work. Whether you’re taking nootropics as a standalone supplement or as a multiple nootropic stack, it’s important to get quality nootropics so you can enjoy the benefits. Paradigm Peptides brings you high-quality nootropic brain supplements to enhance cognitive function.

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