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Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is considered one of the most effective anti-aging supplements available. It has shown exceptional therapeutic and preventative effects against age-related decline as well as common ailments of aging. While a lot of research is still being done with human trials at the initial stage, initial testing of this nootropic shows many powerful benefits of NMN supplements that may improve human longevity.

NMN is naturally found in our bodies as a vitamin B3 metabolite and is completely safe to use. However, it’s small concentration means that our bodies can’t fight against overall age-related decline in health and well-being. The good news is, NMN supplements offer some hope when it comes to slowing down and reversing certain aspects of the aging process.

Here are some of the NMN benefits you should know:

NMN Maintains Cellular Energy at Youthful Levels

NMN supplementation helps boost our natural NMN levels in the body, therefore enhancing the biosynthesis of a key compound known as NAD+, whose levels in the body also play a critical role in keeping mitochondria, the body’s powerhouse, working at optimal levels. NMN supplements are a vital NAD+ intermediate, so supplementation on a regular basis benefits us greatly by helping maintain the cellular energy needed to fight off age-associated conditions.

As we grow older, our NAD+ levels naturally decline and energy production becomes less efficient. This means the aging process gains more momentum, contributing to the development of many chronic diseases we may suffer at old age. With NMN supplementation, it’s possible to promote the biosynthesis of NAD+ across the body, and producing the cellular energy that’s needed to live a longer and healthier life.

NMN Keeps Circulation at Youthful Levels

Another key benefit of NMN supplements is the restoration of the circulation system. Our circulation system carries nutrients in the blood, exchanges heat, and removes waste from all systems and organs in the body.

The aging process often leads to chronic problems that compromise the effectiveness of the circulatory system. This leads to decreased blood flow and oxygen, which worsens over time, contributing to premature aging and higher possibilities of chronic diseases. With a reduction of blood flow in the body, muscle mass decreases, leading to a reduction in performance in almost every aspect of life as well as the loss of mobility.

NAD+ precursors like NMN supplements can benefit us by increasing the production and maintenance of blood vessels and promoting glucose tolerance. This restores circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to youthful levels, improving the quality of life.

NMN Counters Age-Related Metabolic Decline

NMN not only helps increase the production of NAD+, but can also potentially improve glucose tolerance in aging bodies. This has been shown in studies done in rodents that developed diabetes because of high sugar foods. The findings from these studies have shown some hope that similar effects may be achieved in older people who have developed diabetes. NMN has also shown that it can also improve sugar metabolism as we age.

One of the NMN supplement benefits is that it increases the production of insulin in cases where insulin-resistance has resulted from a high-fat diet. This nootropic supplement achieves this by increasing the production of NAD+, reducing the stress and inflammation that is caused by free radicals, and countering the effects of age-associated chronic inflammation. In fact, studies have shown that these benefits are even more effective in old age. Regular NMN supplementations can help counter age-related metabolic decline.

NMN Preserves a Sharp Mind as You Age

Researchers have found that the administration of NMN supplements results in a sharper mind even as you age. This is due to the increase of NAD+ production in the brain. NMN is one of the leading nootropics when it comes to protecting our neuronal health and preserving our cognitive capabilities, including memory, learning, focus, and motivation. Studies conducted with models of Alzheimer’s disease showed that NMN has significant benefits on cognition and memory.

As evidenced in a 2013 Havard study on mice, the results showed astounding NMN benefits, including the ability to reverse certain aspects of the aging process that often affect our ability to learn, be creative, keep memories, and even engage in day-to-day activities without feeling mentally strained. NMN supplements show great potential in reducing cases of mental-related diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

NMN Extends Cellular Lifespan

Woman relaxing after NMN supplement

As more research is conducted on the benefits of NMN, there’s no doubt that hope for an anti-aging solution that can help reverse some if not all aspects of aging are growing by the day. In fact, recent experiments on human stem cells have shown that an increase in NMN in the body actually extends the lifespan of the cells by practically delaying age-associated decline resulting from the continued cell replication.

Following additional trials, it’s likely that the benefits of NMN and related compounds will change everything we know about cell reproduction and lifespan. Its effects may enhance and restore gene expression and support healthier metabolism for increased energy, helping us feel and look younger.

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