CBD is quickly becoming a household name. People all over the world appreciate the therapeutic benefits that CBD has to offer, and pure CBD isolate takes that a step further. If you’re interested in safe, non-psychoactive supplements derived from the cannabis plant, take some time to learn about your options.

Read on to learn about the differences between normal CBD and CBD isolate, including how it’s made and how to use it.

What Is CBD?

Before diving into isolates, it’s important that you understand the basics of CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many compounds called cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most well-known cannabinoid, as it’s what causes the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana.

CBD oil, edibles, vape juices, and pure CBD isolate have gained a loyal following for different reasons. CBD doesn’t get you ‘high’ like THC, but it does offer some of the same benefits.

Many CBD enthusiasts use CBD because it’s relaxing and it promotes a sense of well-being. Others take it for its physical analgesic benefits, as it provides a natural alternative to traditional painkillers. This versatile supplement is also used topically to promote skin health, and some pet owners even give it to their pets to reduce anxiety.

What Is Pure CBD Isolate?

To put it very simply, CBD isolate is just CBD and nothing more. It’s a pure, crystalline powder that has had everything except CBD removed, including waxes, oils, fats, terpenes, and chlorophyll. The resulting product is the most potent form of CBD possible, not just available.

How CBD Isolate Is Made

CBD isolate starts off being made the same way as other CBD extracts, but then it goes through additional steps to fully remove everything except the pure CBD isolate.

There are different ways to extract CBD, including basic methods such as heating the plant material slowly in oil, as well as more in-depth extraction methods using CO2 or liquid solvents to create the temperatures and pressure needed to extract CBD.


After CBD has been extracted using one of the standard methods, the result is CBD oil that still contains other plant materials. Now, there’s nothing wrong with using standard CBD oil, and some people even prefer it for the synergistic entourage effect (more on that later). However, if you want the purest form of medical-grade CBD, isolates are the solution.

In order to turn the CBD oil into crystalline pure CBD isolate powder, the extracted oil needs to undergo purification. First the oil is filtered many times to eliminate any lingering plant matter. Next, the oil goes through a purification process called winterization, that involves soaking the oil in alcohol and freezing it. This process is 100% safe, and it removes any residual waxes, lipids, and terpenes.

Finally, the purified oil goes through a process called decarboxylation. The process essentially involves exposing the CBD to certain temperatures that cause a chemical reaction, activating the CBD compound so it delivers the therapeutic effects that CBD enthusiasts expect.

As you can see, pure CBD isolate powder goes through a rigorous, multi-step process that eliminates every non-CBD molecule. That’s what makes it the most potent possible form of CBD.

CBD Isolate Is Not Full Spectrum

What does full spectrum mean? Full spectrum products contain other material from the plant. In the case of hemp, that includes cannabinoids, which may or may not include THC.

Full spectrum oils generally contain terpenes, which are the compounds that give the cannabis plant its unique aroma. The combination of terpenes and CBD create a synergistic effect that may produce stronger effects. Many CBD enthusiasts prefer pure CBD isolate because they know exactly what they’re getting, whereas full spectrum oils may have unwanted ingredients.

How to Use CBD Isolate

Paradigm Peptides

One great thing about CBD isolate is that it’s so versatile. Once you have the pure powder, you can consume it in a number of ways.

Here at Paradigm Peptides, we isolate CBD capsules so you can take CBD easily no matter where you are. We also have pure cbd isolate dissolved into hemp seed oil in natural and peppermint flavors. These medical-grade products are formulated from the purest CBD possible, and never contain any THC or psychoactive ingredients.

As you take CBD isolate, it’s important to remember that it’s highly concentrated, so standard CBD doses don’t apply. You may want to invest in a scale that measures milligrams so you can dose accurately every time. One gram of CBD isolate contains 1,000 milligrams of CBD, so be sure to adjust your dose accordingly.

Shop Premium CBD Isolate

Paradigm Peptides is proud to offer the finest pure CBD isolate available. Our CBD isolate is extracted from fully organic hemp grown in FDA-approved fields, and our products our produced to medical-grade standards.

Our expert team is passionate about the products we sell, and it shows in our products. We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Browse our wide selection of top-grade CBD products with full confidence. Experience the difference — try pure CBD isolate today.

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