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What is Follistatin 344?

Follistatin 344 has gained a lot of attention in the past few years among many in the fitness community. So, continue reading for our explanation about what Follistatin 344 is and how to use Follistatins effectively.

So what is Follistatin 344? The simple answer is that it’s a protein that can deliver major fitness results.

The chemical compounds that make Follistatin 344 what it is are also what make it a powerhouse when included in fitness supplements. High in the non-essential amino acid cysteine, it binds to myostatins in the blood and inhibits them from being active.

For those who don’t know what myostatins are, their primary purposes is to block quick muscle growth. Essentially, Follistatin 344 blocks the muscle growth blockers in your system.

How Follistatin Builds Muscles

Another downside of myostatins is that they may play a regulatory role in muscular fibrosis. If myostatin levels are too high, this can lead to chronic disease in organs, tissues and marrow.

In fact, the right dosage of Follistatin 344 can almost completely eliminate the production of myostatin in your body. And the results are hard to argue with. Some people have reported gaining as much as 1-2 pounds of lean muscle muscle mass daily with regular use of Follistatins.

How to Use Follistatin

 Once they find out how amazing the effects can be, most people wonder how to use follistatin effectively. Typically this supplement comes in powdered or liquid form and is diluted into a mixture. Follistatin can be stored in the refrigerator and used within seven days of mixing.

For those who prefer to go the injection route, the typical dose is about 100 micrograms (mcg) per day for 10 to 30 days.

It’s best to start on the low end as far as dosages go and then work up from there. Everyone’s dosage level is slightly different based on a mixture of factors including body weight and height as well as genetic disposition.

Some people have had success “stacking” other peptides with Follistatin 344, to boost the effectiveness even more. The peptides that can be stacked include:

  • IGF-1 LR3
  • Ostarine
  • Hexarelin
  • GHRP-6

As always, make sure to do your research before combining any peptides.

Learn More About Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344 is key when looking to reduce the production of myostatins. As you weigh the benefits and side effects of Follistatin 344, feel free to check out our store for more product information. Learn how Follistatin 344 can help build lean muscle quickly, as well as any risks involved. Visit our store today.

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 Follistatin 344 Benefits

The benefits of Follistatin 344 are well-documented and include:

  • Building lean muscle
  • Inhibiting myostatins
  • Inhibiting FSH
  • Quick usage – does not need to be used for an extended period of time to generate results

While we have touched on the first two benefits earlier in this post, inhibiting Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) was not. If FSH levels are too high in the blood this can lead to harmful effects, particularly on the male reproductive system. Follistatin 344 is what helps to keep FSH levels in check. This is another reason to get the right dosage of myostatin inhibitors, because an FSH level that is too low can be just as harmful as if it is too high.

 Side Effects & Drawbacks

Follistatin 344 has been proven to weaken joints and ligaments, but one way to avoid this is to cycle use of this supplement. Rather than taking it for an extended period of time, use it only for a few weeks and then move to another supplement in your fitness regimen. You can come back to myostatin inhibitors after you’ve given your system a little rest.

Others have noted that Follistatin 344 increased their appetite, with caloric intake ballooning from 4000 to 6000+ calories. This however is not definitively proven to happen all the time.

In addition to the side effects already mentioned, one major drawback to this treatment is the cost. Many companies offer Follistatin 344 for upwards of $1000 for 1 mg. Fortunately, Paradigm Peptides offers a Follistatin 344 product for just $99. It’s a price that’s hard to beat.

Is It Safe?

Understanding what Follistatin 344 is means understanding the risks associated with this particular peptide too. Safety is an important issue you should consider before using any supplements to enhance physical performance. The fact of the matter is that there is not a whole lot of definitive evidence one way or the other regarding the safety of Follistatin 344.

As previously mentioned, during the period when people are taking myostatin inhibitors, there can be a weakening of the tendons and ligaments which can in turn cause excess stress for the heart. Once myostatin returns to normal levels in the body, however, these effects wear off.

Another point to remember is that people rarely take myostatin inhibitors for any extended length of time.

A Reliable Source for Research Chemicals

A solid nutrition regimen will promote a quicker recovery time and help ensure that you’re getting the most out of every single set. Now that you know what Follistatin 344 is, there are a plenty of other peptides and supplements you can add to your diet before and after your workout to promote quicker muscle growth. Check back on this blog often for more news and reviews of the latest and greatest research chemicals on the market today.

Paradigm Peptides offers a wide selection of supplements that can maximize your fitness results, including high quality SARMs. Buy Peptides, including Follistatin 344 Peptide from Paradigm Peptides today!

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