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It’s a fact of life that as we age, our skin becomes more fragile and susceptible to sun damage. There are many “miracle cures” out on the market these days promising to deliver results and combat the natural order of things. But how do you know which products are right?

Recent studies suggest that epithalon may be one product worth exploring. Over the course of several studies, scientists have found that when people use epithalon for skin care, they help counteract the natural ravages of time and the elements to make their skin look more youthful and healthy.

In the past, researchers have looked to peptides to boost collagen production and help make skin healthier. It’s only recently that scientists have been looking to short peptide molecules (also known as “tetrapeptides”) in particular to add needed benefits. Epithalon is one of these tetrapeptices, and the results of testing make epithalon for skin care a pretty attractive prospect.

By integrating this special peptide into your daily regimen and embracing epithalon for skin care, you’ll be on the cutting edge of skin care and skin health.

 The Science Behind Epithalon for Skin Care

Using epithalon for skin care has strong underpinnings in modern scientific research. What happens when epithalon is absorbed by the skin is not that difficult to understand. First, we need to learn a little bit more about the skin’s composition.

Our skin houses millions of specialized cells called fibroblasts, which are instrumental in maintaining overall skin health and repairing cells that are damaged by the elements. In recent research studies, scientists have realized that epithalon can help to reactivate these fibroblast cells when they naturally go dormant over time.

When epithalon penetrates the surface of the skin, it helps to promote the production of more fibroplasts. More fibroplasts means the secretion of more proteins, including collagen.

For those new to the science of, collagen is a key ingredient to the health of your skin. Some refer to collagen as the “fountain of youth” because it smooths out lines and wrinkles. Collagen also adds firmness to skin which creates a more youthful appearance.

With more fibroplasts producing more collagen, your skin will not only seem firmer, it will seem more flexible. And flexible, vibrant skin is less susceptible to wrinkles in sensitive areas like the mouth and eyes.

Collagen: The Key to Skin Rejuvenation

Other natural compounds like vitamin C have been scientifically proven to boost collagen production, but it is hard to find another compound that combines this with so many other positive benefits like epithalon does. The best skin care products help your cells naturally develop and refresh their collagen production, but epithalon does so much else too.

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Another reason collagen production caused by fibroplasts is so essential has to do with free radicals. Free radicals are a threat to skin health caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation. They break down collagen, but epithalon helps combat free radicals by promoting the production of replacement collagen.

Add epithalon for your skin care routine and you may be subtracting years from the appearance of your skin.

Epithalon for Your Immunity

 When you use epithalon for skin care, you can feel years younger and live your best life. But why is that?

 It turns out that the effects of epithalon are more than just skin deep. With this magical peptide, you’re not just making your skin look better, you’re actually introducing compounds that will help it get healthier chemically. As a result, you may also see an improvement in your immune system.

Once again, this all happens on a cellular level that is far too microscopic for a human being to see.

According to the research, epithalon is ideal for skin care because it is able to activate cellular repair processes which grow increasingly dormant as people get older. People with strong immune systems as a result of these advanced process are much less susceptible to infections, disease and everyday skin damage caused by the elements.

Epithalon is a fountain youth in more ways than one. When people use epithalon for skin care, it penetrates the surface of the skin and effects the body on a cellular level. It causes the production of more proteins which can help boost your immunity to outside diseases.

Other Benefits of Epithalon for Skin Care

The other magical benefits of epithalon for skin care are still being researched but are incredibly exciting to think about.

Researchers in Russia have done studies that also indicate that epithalon can improve the life span of animals that take the compound regularly by as much as 25%. Whether these life-giving benefits can be transferred to humans remains to be seen, but these results are promising.

But that hasn’t stopped doctors from continuing to conduct research. In fact, epithalon has rapidly become one of the most exciting new chemicals in the study of anti-aging effects on the market today. There is still so much to be learned about this magic peptide, but the early results are incredibly promising, especially when it comes to using epithalon for skin care.

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