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TB-500 Peptide Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

For bodybuilders and athletes looking to speed up muscle recovery as they heal injuries, a new, synthetic version of the Thymosin Beta 4 peptide called TB-500 is available to help. This peptide has been reviewed and noted to replicate the effects of TB4 from the thymus gland, speeding up recovery time from injuries. Research and reviews for TB-500 peptide suggest that it can improve cardiovascular health and healing in athletes. This is exciting news for those in the fitness industry that push their bodies to the limits.

What Is Peptide TB-500?

According to tb500.bz, TB-500 is a synthetic portion of the Thymosin Beta-4 protein (a protein that promotes healing). From muscles to eyes, skin to the heart, TB-500 peptide has been shown to improve healing, with anti-inflammatory benefits that keep the body strong.

These factors make it ideal for use by athletes and bodybuilders, who rely on a fast recovery from tough workouts, where they push their bodies to the limit of injury on a regular basis. Some of TB-500’s benefits is that it is readily available, simple to use, and goes into effect almost immediately, making it great for regular use.

How To Administer TB-500 Dosage

The TB-500 peptide was created to be injected into the skin with the use of a sterile insulin-type syringe. These syringes are readily available at most drugstores or pharmacies, and can also be purchased online in bulk for regular use. The TB-500 dose should be mixed with plain sterile water to dilute the product before injection. Bacteriostatic water is a great alternative as the TB-500 travels more quickly through blood stream when diluted with it.

Follow some simple steps to achieve the right TB -500 dosage:

  1. Put 1 ml of sterile water into a syringe marked with 100 unit measurements.
  2. Inject the syringe into a vial of TB-500 dosage powder.
  3. Rotate the vial between your fingers slowly, without causing bubbles or shaking, until all the powder has dissolved.
  4. With a fresh syringe, pull air into the syringe and inject into the vial to release to vacuum (avoid injecting air into the powder mixture).
  5. Use the fresh syringe to pull the TB-500 solution from the vial.
  6. Sterilize the area of injection (in a subcutaneous layer of fat in the abdomen) with a simple alcohol swab.
  7. Checking again that there are no air bubbles present in the vial, inject the dosage into an area as close to the injury as possible (you may require assistance for this step).

Results of TB-500 Peptide

Recent clinical results show that TB-500 has many positive benefits. Some positive reviews indicate that collagen deposition increased, inflammation of tissue in joints decreased, muscle growth and endurance dramatically increased, and muscle spasms relaxed. Additionally TB-500 encourages tissue repair across the entire body.

To date, there are no known side effects associated with TB-500.

Things To Keep In Mind

It is recommended that 4-8 mg of TB-500 are administered biweekly. When using a dosage of 2 mg per injection, you can use this peptide between 2 and 4 times each week. Injecting subcutaneously (in a layer of fat near the injury) is painless, so this is a great option to begin. TB 500 travels systematically after administration, meaning a dose in the abdomen can travel quickly to where it is needed. Consider stacking TB-500 peptide with BPC-157 for added healing benefits.

Learn More About TB-500

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