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How Natural Peptides for Skin Care Changing the Cosmetics Game

Natural peptides for skin care and cosmetics are all the rage in the beauty industry these days. Articles and research papers are buzzing about how these magic compounds could potentially change the skin care game once and for all.

While research is still currently being conducted on these wonder products, it’s safe to say that they have dramatically altered the way we talk about cosmetic skin care for the better. Read on to learn more about natural peptides for cosmetics and how they’ve made such a big impact in such a short amount of time.

Peptides 101: What You Should Know about Natural Peptides

Before diving into the exciting new discoveries surrounding natural peptides for cosmetics and exploring the differences between natural and synthetic versions of these rejuvenating proteins, it can be helpful to do a quick recap of what peptides are in the first place.

You don’t need a degree in biology to understand what peptides are and how they can help you to look more youthful, refreshed and invigorated. Simply put, peptides are fragments of proteins that join with complementary protein fragments in your skin to boost collagen production and skin health.

Think of peptides as puzzle pieces seeking a match to create a clearer image of skin health. Each peptide is composed of amino acids. When the amino acids in natural peptides used for skin care combine with the amino acids in your skin, they create whole proteins that help revive aging skin.

Natural vs. Synthetic Peptides for Cosmetics

Currently the vast majority of peptides on the market are synthetic. Savvy businesses have been marketing the health benefits of peptides for cosmetics for a long time. These compounds have all been developed wholly in a laboratory after years of research and development. In fact, the typical development process for a synthetic peptide can take up to seven years and incur massive costs on the company undertaking the research. Paradigm Peptides is one of the few peptide suppliers to verify authenticity and purity of every product we sell.

 A New Frontier

Natural peptides for skin care are a relatively new phenomenon. In cutting edge research studies, natural peptides have come primarily from food samples brought into a lab. Using the latest scientific technology, researchers have been able to isolate the peptides in these foods that are essential for youthful, beautiful skin.

natural peptides for cosmetics

The continuing research being conducted into natural peptides for cosmetics is incredibly promising. If this research persists, future peptides will be much more affordable, costing as little as 2.7% of their current retail cost and cutting the production time by more than half.

When peptides combine with amino acids in the skin, they naturally produce collagen, one of the key proteins for youthful, healthy skin. The vast majority of peptides on the commercial market today are synthetic. They are created in labs by teams of scientists who test and retest the product to optimize it for performance.

Natural Peptides for Skin Care

There are a variety of natural peptides for skin care and cosmetics available on the market today. From copper peptides and palmitoyl oligopeptides to pentapeptides and hexapeptides, there are plenty of options for those seeking natural relief for aging skin.

Each one of these peptide compounds deserves its blog article, and they all share many similar characteristics, but here’s a quick list of some the unique benefits of each compound based on new research:

  • Pentapeptides – Some studies suggest that it may be possible to stimulate collagen growth using pentapeptides.
  • Hexapeptides – While there is no clinical proof, products with hexapeptides typically boast of being able to diminish wrinkles.
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – This peptide is similar to others on the list, but boasts an added layer of protection against UV rays. Using palmitoyl together with sunscreen can help protect fair skin from further sun damage.
  • Copper Peptides – These peptides are comprised of typical protein fragment peptides with copper. They have been used to bolster skin regeneration and the healing of wounds.

Peptides & the Bigger Skin Care Picture

Relying on one product for all your skin care needs is a bit like expecting to have a healthy diet by eating nothing but carrots. It shows good effort, but in the end it will take a more holistic effort to get the best results.

Along those same lines, natural peptides for skin care are great, but they can’t operate in a vacuum. Even the best, most high quality peptides need to work with other compounds and elements to provide a superior skin care experience.

The best strategy for a healthy skin care regimen is to use an appropriate mix of supplements and compounds. Regular use of peptides for cosmetics and antioxidants, coupled with careful protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun can work wonders on skin that feels aged. Mixing peptides with antioxidants often expands the scope of both compounds and helps them combat additional aging characteristics.

In essence, people should be proactive in exploring new research and new products as they come out on the market, and don’t be afraid to integrate something new into your normal regimen.

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