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Some of the most promising developments in biochemistry are the advancements being made in selective androgen receptor modulators, commonly referred to by the acronym SARMS. These compounds have caught the eye of medical and supplement communities for their potential uses in weight-loss, muscle-building, and healing, all areas that are traditionally addressed by anabolic steroids. The question is, are SARMS better than steroids?

What Are SARMS?

 Firstly, SARMs are not androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS), though they do affect many of the same systems using a similar mechanism. Whereas AAS targets androgenic receptors almost indiscriminately, SARMs have been designed to target specific subtypes of receptors.

This results in many of the same benefits that AAS offers, but without the side-effects created by the broader spectrum approach. In short, SARMs allows a tailored regimen that provides only the needed results, making the SARMs vs. steroids debate all the more compelling.

Also of note, SARMs are not prescription substances. While not commonly available in retail settings or approved for human consumption, they are readily available for research under laboratory conditions into the benefits and efficacy for a wide range of conditions and uses, such as answering the question: are SARMs better than steroids?

Noted Benefits Of SARMS Over Steroids

 Due to their similar results, more and more studies seek to compare the benefits and side effects of SARMs vs. steroids. While a full slate of long-term, peer-reviewed studies are still in the future, initial research results may provide a tentative answer. So, are SARMs better than steroids?

  • Lower HPTA Interference – SARMs show less interference with the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis (HPTA) system. This system controls much of your metabolic functions, giving SARMs such as Semorelin, which can actually boost pituitary and hypothalamic function, a leg up in retaining muscle tissue while cutting weight.
  • Lower Increase In Liver Enzymes – Two of the primary dangers of AAS usage is liver damage and hepatotoxicity. Because modern SARMs such as RAD-140 Testolone do not produce as high of an abundance of liver enzymes, there is less risk of these dangerous side effects.
  • Less Impact On Your Body’s Natural Testosterone Production – Proper use of SARMs, like YK-11, results in a shorter recovery time off-cycle. There is no need to clear esters before a post-cycle routine, leading to more cycles over time with less drop-off between.
  • Lower Estrogenic Effects – Due to the lower decrease in natural T3 production and a lower estrogenic effect, many estrogen-related side effects, such as gynecomastia, are minimized by proper dosing. Premium peptides like S-4 Andarine could allow bodybuilders to benefit from a cleaner build.


Are SARMs Better Than Steroids For Your Research?

 As always, every metabolism works differently, so results may vary. What we can guarantee is that you will receive the highest quality SARMs available on the market for use in your project. This eliminates unneeded variables and gives you the purity you need for clear, accurate results. Order your SARMs from Paradigm Peptides today.